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(Mention of abuse) I'm asking for donations or commissions to help me move out! 

Real shit hours: I'm trying to move out of an abusive home n I need that cash $$ donation/commission links in my bio :'3
my tumblr is 4kids-sanji and I posted what I'm doing with any money I get and what I've done with a little I've got so far! I was able to take my lizard to the vet recently because of donations pls help me out if you can!

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Hi I'm Ace/Sanji They/Them (nonbinary) (Also go by he/him if were close and on the occasion she/her but rarely)
I'm most likely panromantic asexual

I like:
One Piece, Vocaloid, Pokemon, Yokai Watch, DND, mbmbam/TAZ
I draw art sometimes if you like what I do I take commissions! (links in bio)
My favorite pokemon is oddish

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its okay berries i hav loved u for a thousand years and i will love you for a thousand m

direct tvs website stops working every night at 8 pm and my directv x finity wifi goes out every night at 1 am what are you doing to me direct tv. ill fucking kill you


my sister keeps trying to get me to try weed every time she gets some

(part 2 of fruits you should try)
- Rambutan (honorable mention; ive never had the pleasure of trying ne but I heard theyre super delicious and sweet! ive seen them in stores before but was never able to buy one :( )
- Mangosteen (again didn't eat this one just looks yummy and I heard it's flavor is legendarily delicious! )
- Passion fruit (this one is more well known because of teas but its delicious to eat too! it has a nice tart flavor!)

fruits people apparently don't know about and should try:
- dragon fruit (the red ones are better bc theyre sweeter and good in smoothies. you eat it by cutting it in half and scooping the fruit out with a spoon!)
- star fruit (they taste like a sweet pear! tart but delicious! when you cut the fruit they look like little stars :) )
- Kiwano Melon (they taste like a cucumber but not as gross, you eat them like a pomegranate! careful when picking them up they're sharp!)
(part 1)

im made of obscure knowledge that I will very literally never need but when the situation arises I look VERY smart because I know a cat has 12 whiskers exactly and the history of an obscure fruit you've never heard of

I know a lot about these very specific things and nothing else:
- certain fruits / vegetables
- patent medicine
- cats
- pokemon

people who project human emotions onto animals specifically hate are so annoying. you cat doesn't hate you unless you like a huge terrible asshole to it and even then the cat'll just be scared of you. your cats just scared or in pain. if you got a cat and you refuse to learn anything about cats like.... why u got a cat............

im passionate about the lives of all animals and if your actively put any animals life in danger your already on my fucking list

i cant believe i mistyped and wrote anime death. im so sorry .. . . . . anime death........

animal death 

they also hunted for fun lol. anyone who hunts and kills animal for their own entertainment is sick. I understand it can be population control and I'm not questioning that. but doing it for pleasure is disgusting. I cant say I know if there's a better way to do population control but no animals last moments should be it scared and cornered waiting for death by a human who's doing this for no other reason than for their own entertainment. (hunting solely for food is also different)

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