Haha, still one of my favorite pictures

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@linm That's the zaurus platform:

ARM before Smart phones have even been invented. Hard to find now and OpenBSD stopped supporting it with 6.0. Still fun :)

@4l3x Thanks! To bad the industry seems to think we only want > 12 inch laptops ... :(

@linm with 16:9 or wider screens of course lol :D

I hear you. Love small. Lenovo X2xx laptops are usually nice. But they too turn into a nightmare of glue. And what happened to their X1 nano?

@4l3x the clamshell zauruses were always super cute. Weren't they only sold in Japan though?

@fraggle yes. But there have been importers in major markets. Shame nothing like this exists anymore that's up to modern specs.

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