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I hate typing on touchscreens. For years, this was a non-issue since I had a BlackBerry Classic. After moving to a more modern phone (first a Moto e6, then a Teracube 2e), I wanted a solution that would make it easier to see and respond to SMS on my computer and larger tablet. I settled on JMP, which connects a number to an XMPP account, and wrote about my experience.

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Endlich mal ein Computerspiel, das mich nicht völlig überfordert!
Lightbulb auswählen! -->
*vor Lachen bunte Punkte krieg*

What are your thoughts on the efforts? Will it take off? If so, why? If not, why not? Will this concept be a thing at all or just flop? Genuine interest in what you think about the whole concept including other platforms like , , etc. Can't quite make up my mind on what to think of it.

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@Bitcoin At a population of ~5.4 Million people that makes ~0.00034 BTC per person. IF ever makes it as the world reserve currency the idea of a 1M$ seems like a laughably low estimate.

My initial approach would be to secure them with a password which is stored in a root only file. Doesn't feel quite right. Also considering to add a startup loop that awaits the password when the service restarts. Could be sent in via as the service will use that anyway.

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Playing with python-gnupg to encrypt data that needs to be recoverable at some point. Sadly hashes won't do. Wondering about best practices to store the keys securely. Any suggestions?

John Cleese speaking about . Classic but still relevant in a world full of "closed" mode operators.

@maikek Me: Why do you want to use Word?
Employee: Because I lack the skills to edit md/tex/... .
Me: Then educate yourself.

Educating employees pays off and it's cheaper then paying horrific license fees and subscription for substandard products that you make yourself depend on (e.g. customers docs maintained in Word).

Kicked off an key re-init a while ago. I give up, time for a walk. Hope it'll be done by the time I'll come back to it. I forgot just how long that takes. ⏲️

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And here's an artist's impression of the moment the two spaceships - Soviet and American - joined in orbit. Love the pic. So gloriously Seventies! Like a movie poster - except it all actually happened. @ColdWarPod

@hankg I find it amazing that Soyuz still flies mostly unchanged. Great design that simply works.

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Carl Sagan testifying before Congress in 1985 on climate change

"there is definitely some sort of writing on the wall"

Seen the first snow covered car today. Time to install to stay warm.

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