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nor offputs
nor onputs
nor underputs
nor sideputs
nor overputs

it just stays put

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🎼 peel-on me
🎶 peel me on 🎶
unpeel off
🎶 peel-on me 🎶

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You say mean I say cheap

I say mean you say coq

What the fuck does it even mean?
You say it’s odd.
I say we’re even.



so i was thinking about how i'm back to just sleeping a few hours at a time again, then stay up for over half a day, and sleep a whole day once in a while

when it occured to me if i could get my hands on one of those deli meat slicers it could save me a lot of money

true story

my grandfather died in severe pain after long months of illness, but said he couldn't complain because the nurses were sexy

old person trapped in young one's body, been there done that

kid trapped in old geezer's failing bones here i come!

getting meowed at and booped is nice, but if cats could make the coffee that would be nice too

had a good drumming practice earlier: managed to pay attention for most of a 50min podcast while keeping a blues shuffle going on the practice pads. that was nice

which just brings me back to math...

math is fun, i should have better organized notes cause i never know where to pick up when i'm looking to discover some cool math stuff

although in KSP i'd be more like doing it again but failing, cause i really didn't plan it out correctly or flat out not actually any good at understanding these things in the first place... tbph

keep thinking maybe just do some KSP or Factorio again, plan out something, but then by the time i'm all set up i don't feel like i have the energy to actually do it... again

used up all my fun just planning it out anyway

maybe I should just cancel the transaction and try again

ok then, while 'transaction pending' does its thing for an unsually long amount of time i guess i'll reconsider getting into Crying Suns...

which has the pro of behing on gog so i can get it from there instead

great, now steam app just hangs there... doing... that thing where nothing really happens and it just hangs there...

haven't tried a new videogame in what feels like ages

gonna see if I can get into Avorion, seems interesting enough, almost went for Crying Suns but it's more expensive, might try that too if I can get it on sale or we

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