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Enjoy college while you can kids, cause yk, at some point you run outa money barely making it at a dead-end job, end up unplugging the fridge cause all it has is old yucky chemical mustard, and cops show up at the door to abduct you and take you at some medical facility for a chat, try to convince you 1 and 1 don't make two and shits, then obviously after sending you to a facility for the criminally insane, once they release you, college just doesn't feel quite the same after... so yeah, cherish

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Feeling really good about my homepage today. :blobcatcoffee:
Haven't practiced today yet, and haven't recorded/streamed apart from the Capricho since the 20th so... that should happen at some point.

I'd rather chat but hey that seems to be complicated stuff these days. Nobody around here I can call up just now so meh...

I'll start up livestreaming at some point in the next few hours, so if you'd like to watch me practice the classical guitar, chat about that or other stuff if anyone shows.

Hey, I practiced really really hard on this. So I whiffed a note on the slide after the melody’s first repeat, the rest went flawlessly. Ornamentation, timing, timbre, otherwise couldn't have hoped for a better take. Sounds great. That’s gotta be worth at least a dollar, right?
Also recorded in video, so you can watch me play it too:

Some of the songs, like the Pouncer Missiles, I want to speed up and add effects regardless, but others I think I could polish enough to upload without. Sound quality is bad but it's definitely better with the Samick.
It's in the plans, I just have to get my nails done proper and keep polishing up that ornamentation stuff, work on that right hand positioning, string attack and all that.

Decided to learn something new. It's actually a couple centuries old, but going to learn the piece for the first time, so it's new for me :)

Also, very happy about mk2.25 Sonata Class Pouncer Missiles. Going really good with that one.

Going to stream practice some more again later.
Should be in a few hours if anyone would like to come and chat, leaving mastodon open till then.

:blobcatcoffee: Kinda bummed out. A recording I made yesterday I thought was particularly good because I overcame huge hurdles I had with the work, but listening again I see how I dropped the polish and whiffed notes a bunch elsewhere in the melody

My editor is really bad with the codecs from the camera too, trying to modify the files even a tiny bit (like say, adding a cut for example, noise reduction ...) and it multiplies the file size significantly.

My old digital camera does really nice small files, and they're good enough for what I'm doing. It's award to set up though, can't use it as a webcam unfortunately.

Been feeling alright about my playing the past couple days so I was thinking on recording today.
In a couple hours, maybe less.

I'll stream it on youtube to save disk space since I want to do a lot of it and just come back to it later and save the better takes. Sure it won't be as good quality, but local files would take too much space (mostly for the audio but I'd like some video along with it too so...) and it's not like I have good equipment or that great of skills in the first place anyway.

"If weapons are the answer then we need a new question"

A good guitar piece is like a conversation between different voices, so is important to develop good phrasing.
Otherwise you end up with bunches of p'tuk, bzouing, p'klink dzzzz, or just go hmmmm, but like, hmmm off tone, and finish all your sentences with a kweh? that fades to the sound of crickets.

Hey, I have no love for religion or churches, but sometimes that gospel sound just fits the mood, and that's why once in a while I look up what The Stop Shopping Choir has been up to lately.

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