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nor offputs
nor onputs
nor underputs
nor sideputs
nor overputs

it just stays put

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🎼 peel-on me
🎶 peel me on 🎶
unpeel off
🎶 peel-on me 🎶

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I can just sit there and instead watch my monitor refresh at breakneck speeds. Mindboggling.

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For one thing, I think arguments revolving around "I'm right because I say so" vs " You're wrong because you're stupid" are excruciatingly dull and uninteresting. Sadly that's the selling feature on a lot many of them.

you see, even if they showed the second one ahead of the first one, it would still be different because then it would have been shown before, unlike the other one, the first one, which then would have been shown after.

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optionally, there's a whole discussion in there about how the second one is different than the first one they showed because they showed the second one after the first one.

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at the government store:

vendor: "Hello person, may I interest you in this fine looking government?"

"eh, I'm not sure I like this one, how about something else?"

vendor (proceeds to show me exactly the same thing): "How about this one?"

"eh... not really feeling the difference."

vendor (goes to the back, comes around with again, the same thing): "This is one was in the stockroom, so technically it's different. How about it?"

"Yeah, seeing a trend here..."

*where do you think you are* might be more accurate actually, my bad

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But who will built the roads?

Duh, all them good intentions. Obviously. Where the fuck do you think you're going anyway ugh?

Don't count your chicken, just don't. Noble fowl are even more obnoxious than the regular kind.

feeling good about that progress so far. Moved up from 64bpm to 72bpm, to now 80bpm :patcat:

next step is 90bpm... or 120bpm actually, going by the kick bass shuffle. 3/4 vs 4/4. math is hard

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Why just Liquid Volts and not Liquid Volts Pie?
Cause it's not Liquid Volts Pie unless I can cook it in 3m14

learning drums 

been practicing the song at full tempo the past few days, so that's going pretty good I guess.
The hardest part is just playing the whole thing from end to end, section by section I'm feeling pretty comfortable with it and none of the bars are particularly problematic

yay 😐

Better stock up on all the hindsight before it runs out on December 31st.

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