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nor offputs
nor onputs
nor underputs
nor sideputs
nor overputs

it just stays put

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🎼 peel-on me
🎶 peel me on 🎶
unpeel off
🎶 peel-on me 🎶

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the name comes from an anecdotale subjective experience of them being seemingly subject to doing that a lot

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I have devised a new theorem. It goes along the lines of "the longer someone argues, the more likely it becomes that someone gets compared to, or described as being like, cancer."

It follows similar principles first famously set forth by Godwin. For now it goes by the project name "Vaush's conjecture", but this may change as it is still early in development.

part 3 is a fun challenge, but a nightmare to try and fit in a single page, it's just parradiddles all the way down but there's so many different ways to orchestrate it around the kit it's mind-boggling

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lagging a bit behind on the notations and music, but ahead in the painting artworks, it all balances out in the end i guess

honestly, been brainstorming hard on figuring multitude of ways of cramming 13.7 into conversations now, that's probably healthy

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thinking of painting "13.7" on a plain shirt for next week.
wouldn't be seen as too confrontational would it?

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on a positive note, rap being the most popular music in the world didn't provoque much of a debate, which was good cause at least it derailed that annoying section of train and allowed us a little breather...

hurray for facts

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and that's how I'm going to sum up the past year-and-a-half that went by while I wasn't posting

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so, barely avoiding an argument over healthcare policies, by being subjected to barely racist criticism of a football halftime show, I end up stirring up the shits by pointing out that we kinda do in fact have a pretty strong numbers on how old this place is (not 15 but 13.7 billion years) because of course denialism

obvisouly we're all idiots and all this crap just magically happened into being some couple thousands years ago, my bad

all those crunchy noises means the cereal ain't getting soggy at least


strange is that it's something i'd associate with snares, not bass, but ok... silly sirens thinking they'll have me for breakfast again i guess

joke's on them they can't chew while playing trumpets


might share it on my blog and bandcamp in a few days, waiting for rigor's sake...

fediverse gets the exclusive for now :bongoCat:
open for comments and stuff :blobcat:

feels like proofreading exhaustion from going over the same stuff over and over… seeing a notable difference in mornings vs late day. I’d like to work on the bass some more, never ending nagging feeling stage where I’m wrestling with the idea I’m missing an obvious improvement somewhere…


stupidly attractive sirens with their trumpets getting in the way of my concentration

think I might need to get my mind away from this some...

... feels too early to call it done. idk


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All my sexy sexy sirens.... eh, mean .. bloodthirsty totally inanimate cymbals seems to be agreeing for some reason

I’m starting to hear foghorns I put in as placeholder in the track when I started. I removed it once I got working on the bass but now

now it sounds like trumpets, and they’re spreading… playing along the whole song

I can just sit there and instead watch my monitor refresh at breakneck speeds. Mindboggling.

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For one thing, I think arguments revolving around "I'm right because I say so" vs " You're wrong because you're stupid" are excruciatingly dull and uninteresting. Sadly that's the selling feature on a lot many of them.

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