Oh hai, I figured out how to log back into this instance after all! (I kinda forgot it was here, to be honest.)

Happy Friday.

Waiting for it to be legal to beat sense into people and not have to claim temporary insanity in court after; I mean ya try as hard as you can to be homoflexible...

Some coworkers are too much.

Having the 'I'm not contributing enough and feeling left behind' feel lately.

It's frustrating when someone is going thru rough times and they start disconnecting from their social media, when really that's the only communication method between you. It has the feeling of 'fuck you', even when it really isn't.

Really should be calling in sick because this place is making me ILL.

Feeling slightly productive today, though there's still an air of confusion.

I'm starting to believe that the idea of having some level of project organization is a pipe dream I'll never realize in my lifetime.

I envy those that have the privilege.

Sometimes I wonder if life throws us curveballs...

...because we haven't been taking on enough hard (decision) tasks on our own.

Feeling unsure about how to feel today.

Work sucks. Friends are lame ducks. Misery misery misery, spite!

This one TG room I was recently added to affirms my belief that there are those out there sitting as admin/mod types that really shouldn't be in that position. :/

Rando-thought time.

* Still feel uncomfortable discussing my 'preferences', even in a chat room of trusted (internet) friends

* Been feeling like a minority, in too many non positive ways, and feel super clueless as to how to make it better.

Cue that Lennon/Ono favorite christmas ballad.

T'would be nice to be able to BYOD to work so that I can tinker on my own stuff.

Yeah yeah yeah, getting paid to work.

All work and no play is starting to apply in my sitch.


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