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my profile images aren't uploading for some reason but anyway

Hi! I'm 4threset but you can call me "Yon" or "Four"! I came from tumblr and i'm trying to rebuild as an artist from the rubble and ashes!

I did a piece for a Charity Food Zine back in July/August!
Featuring Malaysian Street Food! The love of my life!

lets play a game called,
can i finish this monstrosity in two days

6/15 i'm going cross eyed i'll continie this tmrw bc im going to d i e

sso who do i follow to get me some of that good quality meme

I've been chugging for a while now, here's my progress for my poster for comic fiesta this year!
i wonder if each job class is obvious

done Paladin
now to maintaint this standard of quality

14 more times

im drawing a massive final fantasy 14 poster featuring all the jobs and i am in fuck city because there are 15 jobs and have you seen final fantasy clothing design

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