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w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w

live fast

w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w

die young

w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w

bat girls do it well

w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w

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before you post, :sm64_t: :sm64_h: :sm64_i: :sm64_n: :sm64_k: :

is it :sm64_t: iddy?
is it :sm64_h: orny on main?
is it :sm64_i: ntimate?
is it :sm64_n: ipple?
is it :sm64_k: lesbian?

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look how beautiful my cat is retoot to give him a smooch

have it filtered but sometimes it doesn't always catch it !!

usually on social media sites around this time of year i see like christmas posts but here? no. we are all in temporal limbo and we're slapping

hey not to be completely serious on main but if y'all could put ur pictures of beetles/cockroaches behind a cw i would sincerely appreciate it

if u have a CAT and i see it i will smash that mf retoot so fast u dont even know!!!!

Eye contact, my face (partially) 

dont tell yourself you "cant draw" or "cant sing." everyone can draw or sing. you may not consider it to be very good but a big part of getting good at something is making it an enjoyable activity to do for yourself. and then before you know it you are actually good at it

you know what *would* be radical? If the next game Bethesda released were good.

your lack of desire to marathon home renovation shows is tearing this family apart

tootual: is cursed

me: gently smorches their forhead

curse: broken by true love's kiss

funnyman, or, to use the gender neutral term, funyun

tired: mutuals
wired: tootuals
hired: cutetuals

eh heh it's the a. it's the ase.
*clears throat*

ᶦᵗ'ˢ ᵗʰᵉ ᵃˢᵉˣᵘᵃˡ ⁿᵘᵐᵇᵉʳ

wish i was a goth gf but i got kin assigned a prep :/

hearing people talk about things they like is so fucking good even if i dont understand

You know what my acid reflux would be way better if it meant I could spray acid on people

skink is one letter away from kink and honestly that's so sexy of them

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