@helldude I had a really nice interaction via DM with Eugen and it made me want to never leave this site, 11/10 would recommend to friends but not family

@citrustwee @pikachu we actually have a "super" compatibility on last.fm so i'm probably an eve clone really

Top albums of the decade:
1. Frank Ocean - Blonde
2. Why would you listen to anything else?

🐦 📣 HELLO! there was once a joke about interviewing prominent tooters to learn the nuance of their approach and technique.

one thing lead to another, i slipped on a banana peel, and now you can listen to a whole ding-dang interview i did with @selontheweb to enter the mind of a true Mastodon power-poster.



FINALLY, you can place jackdaw and sel right into your ears, where they questionably belong!

@garfiald dude imagine having fucking riot gear and a shield and getting knocked around like a doll by some random dude with his bare hands lmaooooooo

@dankwraith the way beanie dude drops down like fucking jackie chan

French cops drink so much pee pee juice they're not even any good at being cops. Look at them get fucking skeeted on


Kegel > Hegel

BOOST if you love genital relaxation!

eve kosofsky sedgwick would have one of the most widely celebrated lewd accounts

If you're on mastodon.social and you support then fuckin smash that toot button and show your support with the hashtag

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