@shadsy This is such a beautiful narrative and reminds me of being a child on the internet at this very same time.

@shadsy I just actually finished this, and it really really hit me hard. I joined a fan-forum for a "funny animal" (not technically furry) webcomic on my 13th birthday and over 2 or 3 years forced myself to the highest post count.

That was my dang life online for about 8 years, with the site shifting towards the social sections after the comic finally stopped being written, then shifted to IRC towards the end and finally closed down around 2008 or 9.


prejudice, bullying 

@shadsy anyway, thanks again for writing this piece (and for reading my own rambling, I'm sure you can imagine how I'm feeling right now)

@68kmentat I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and I'm touched that you're able to relate it to your own experiences like that. I get why it can be tough to revisit it

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