I love the curbcut effect. (Might have the name wrong). The idea is that when you improve accessibility for one group, it tends to help everyone. So you put those cuts into the curb for wheelchair and it also helps people moving packages with trolleys, and with strollers, etc.

New example I've found. Webcomics that put the script under the comic for people with screenreaders and such. SUDDENLY I CAN ACTUALLY FIND OLD COMICS WITH GOOGLE WHEN I WANT TO SHOW PEOPLE A SPECIFIC JOKE.

@Canageek I forget the name, but waaaaay back in the day (talking 15 years ago), there was a website dedicated to archiving the transcripts of webcomics with a link to each strip.

Here it is, ohnorobot.com by Ryan North actually!

@68kmentat @Canageek can we register ohno.robot as like a Write Freely instance dedicated to this?

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