@polychrome I forget exactly, but I'm pretty sure that there's some PC Speaker emulation, either software or hardware, out there that I read about a month ago

shout out to my brain for giving me a dream about a bear in the big blue house RPG where characters have traits like "take damage when being washed"

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2029: Americans finally become annoyed with not having the metric system.

Democratic president Ernie Sandwich decides to implement reforms, and the Democrats decide to do the decent thing and compromise.

It is on this day that the inch-metre is implemented

:thounking: i'm planning on moving to a new instance but i'm trying to figure out which one now

I really need to move past this CPU avatar if I want people to take me seriously, but my government-assigned fursona got lost in the mail

ladies, gentlemen, multisex, robot, or undecided

trauma in Doctor Who 

@applebaps@anarchism.space @007 The way I see it, Tennant's interactions with his companions, and characters in general, are entirely informed by his love for Rose, and his attempts to cope with losing her and relearning how to function in society after loss. He fell in love with her as Eccleston, and Eccleston's Doctor is sooo integral. I was always sad by the people who said to skip Eccleston.

the bible story of Adam and Eve is the original removing a rib so you can suck your own dick

i dont need to start the revolution. i just need to learn to grow the food

i dont need to found the party. i just need to learn to fight to defend it

i dont need to inspire the masses. i just need to learn to build a roof over their heads

how will i make the revolution happen? i just need to pick one skill and set one goal

People often wonder why printers are so cantankerous but frankly any device that embeds pigmented runes in the remains of long-dead trees is going to be stricken by an ancient faerie curse from the start

A big problem with the way history is taught is that we aren't taught the full context of just how awful life was back then. We're (Sweden here) taught the names and lives of an awful lot of kings and how much they murdered people but we never get the perspective of serfs and tradespeople. They don't matter, because workers don't matter to this day.

Make education leftist, make people understand the class struggle that goes on to this day. Teach kids to draw parallels between oppression back then and oppression now.

one of the most interesting moments in my schooling was watching a teacher sweatily try to explain the difference between patriotism (good) and nationalism (bad).

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