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Going to a regional/national quaker youth retreat was just:
Being taught communism by day
Laying your head on a hippie's stomach by night

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I know for a fact this was true for millennial american Friends. I cannot speak for today's quaker youth, or with full certainty about Gen-X.

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gotta change yr gender fluid every 100,000 miles

theres some aggressive frenches on npr talking about how they dont fuck around throwing tea into a harbor, they cut heads

A very important thing to keep in mind about youth is that our two pasttimes were cuddle puddles and co-ed wrestling (matches ended with kissing)

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@Gargron I want to be able to do that thing where you complain about a company's product or service and they send you like $1000 to increase their own clout, can you code that into Mastodon?

leftists do activism by yelling at teenagers for having friends on line
right wingers do activism on websites meant for talking about online legos
Who won
Who's next
You decide

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If you're excited about Sonic the Hedgehog, you're gonna LOVE the next movie in the Sega Cinematic Universe!

#Sonic #SonicTheHedgehog #SonicMovie

@Lexi @InvaderXan Yeah what's being described here is what nhilism really is. To sum it up in a sentence: "Nothing has any inherent meaning, so you get to decide what has meaning for you". That page also uses the term "Optimistic Nhilist" which I prefer over anti- because there's really nothing anti-nhilism about thinking of the world that way.

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Last year has been hell. I remember it well, news broke of fascism taking hold of the US. For months I stood impotent and depressed at the fact that we ordinary citizens, couldn't do anything to fight.

But ppl have organized. Anarchist movements have arised and gained strength. We elected AOC for congress, and have achieved small victories everywhere. XR have pushed politicians to declare a climate emergency in the UK.

I can smile again. We can do it. Keep fighting and don't give up. ✊

:autism: request for (US) resources/advice 

Where do I even start to figure out disability insurance for autism? I'm not *unable* to work, but I'm never valued much as an employee and every moment at any job feels like torture

I have an appointment with the psychiatrist who prescribed me antidepressants tomorrow - would she be a good person to talk to?


I hope you remembered to delete your ROMs after 24 hours

if i get sick, the doctor just punctures a hole in me. then a puppy pokes its head out and the doctor is like "her arm hurts, tell the guys in there to turn off the pain module" and the pup nods and goes back in my body to relay the information

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From now on, whenever a franchise has rebels or freedom fighters, can we just agree to call them antifa until the general public gets it through their head?

The Rebel Alliance are antifa. Sonic and his freedom fighters are antifa. Robin Hood is antifa.

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