@x0rz @switchingsocial I wonder why people don't use or talk about Kontalk. It is open-source and easy to use because you register with your phone number. What am I missing?

@coda There's no iOS client, and it's based on Java. That's already two hard criteria not to use it. And “based on XMPP”… means, it's probably somewhat similar to XMPP, but not really, so it's not compatible with XMPP (which most people already don't know what it is). Wording on encryption is super vague. (“… *can* be secure”… (emphasis mine))

I can really understand why nobody would care to even consider it.

@x0rz @switchingsocial


@MacLemon @coda AFAIK it *is* compatible with the XMPP network, meaning you can be reached by XMPP and contact anybody on any reachable XMPP server.
That's cool if some of your contacts don't like to provide their phone-number, but you and the majority of your friends want to use something like Signal, Telegram or (shudder) WhatsApp where everybody is identified by his/her phone-number.

cc: @x0rz @switchingsocial

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