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/usr/local @7usr7local

Bye bye CCH,
wie war es doch vordem
beim so bequem.

@7usr7local I already miss CCH. It was the perfect space for the Congress: different kinds of areas, different sizes of rooms and halls, complicated enough to be interesting, but not enough to be frustrating...

@rysiek Yeah .. let's see how Leipzig will be. And I really hope that one day the C3 will return to Hamburg.
@heluecht allein die Aussicht, dass man in Hamburg auf historischen Schiffen pennen kann *sigh*

@rysiek @7usr7local And there was an interessting self-organized session about too many alternative social networks existing in parallel, weakening each other instead of joining to really step up against the commercial ones ... ;-)

@7usr7local yeah... I think I vaguely remember that one! ;)

Coming to ?

@rysiek Unfortunately not. Hamburg has been very conveniant, didn't need a hotel there and it was easy to switch from the family affairs the day before 😉.
More than that, somebody always gets ill when coming to rest during christmas holidays - last year it was me (missed the most of , left day 2 after getting the t-shirt, was even to tired to watch the livestream at home)
I don't want to happen this while staying at a hotel. :-/

@rysiek We were hoping for some follow-up session on , didn't find you on the fahrplan. Did we miss it? Will you do something on ?

@7usr7local yeah, I didn't do any sessions at . Should have, I guess.

@heluecht @7usr7local yep. Coming to , might have an internet censorship session in the Teahouse. Perhaps I should also consider talking to about a follow-up session for the decentralized social network one from .

@rysiek I guess I will spend most of my time at the "federation" assembly, discussing protocol stuff with @Benjamin Neff

@heluecht @7usr7local ah good, I will drop by several times, to be sure. :)

@rysiek There might be a talk about them and a gathering could be afterwards me thinks.
@rysiek At 34c4 ;-) the orga is not done yet (and I'm not involved) but once finished the space-time-coordinates will be communicated.

@rysiek @7usr7local @heluecht looking forward to it. The teahouse seems the place to be at this congress (ever been like that but now even more so).