@holgi Warum fehlt neuerdings das WWWWWWRRRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNTTTTTTHHHH im Intro?

Hach die süßen Laute eines piezoelektrischen Summers.

Listening to Ozzmosis while writing about osmosis. Wikipedia's fault.

Ich grad: "Es ist 27 Uhr 30!"
Zeit für's Bett.

I just realised that my hair is so long by now that people cannot see my earphones. So now whenever I'm listening to podcasts on the public transport, it looks like I just giggle and grin out of thin air.

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Mastodon's clearly lacking one feature: The ability to display other instances' local timeline.
Say I open up my own instance at home, because I can. But it's just a teensy tiny instance because I can't afford the hardware or the internet connection or the electricity cost to handle many users.
Then my users can only see the small local timeline, which can be great but also restrictive.

Can somebody make a "hello world"-retoot-bot?

Is your user name taken? Just start your own instance!

What if Twitter decided to become a Mastodon-instance... :thaenkin:

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