can never remember whether bsd is a kink thing or a foss thing I just know it's to be avoided

it makes me sad when people think chess is just memorization. you can have a great time playing chess at low to mid skill level without memorizing a single opening. memorizing opening theories only works at top level because pros have gamed out optimal moves for both sides. lets say you memorize the optimal French defense out for 8 moves. what happens when your opponent goes off-meta on move 3? you are fucked, thats what happens, because you dont understand the theory of the opening, you just memorized a bunch of moves.

Going to the moon to blow up the fascism pride flag on it and plant a lesbian pride flag in its place

Paleontologists “TRex’s arms are to short to be used for eating, or hunting, were baffled how they might have been used in life”

Me, from the back of the lecture hall “Hold up big tiddies when they run”

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pvp: on

clothes: off

glow in the dark condom: equipped

i am forcibly removed from the star wars convention

love the government is like "prepare for no deal" like ok, what are we supposed to fucking do? stockpile shit? panic? get mad? like what are you supposed to fucking do lmao. yeah sure I'll prepare for no deal by assembling a fucking guillotine

its honestly astounding just how divorced from ireland and its struggle the average irish-american is. like yes? ireland should start doing this until england returns northern ireland? no shit dude

if you disagree with my opinions on here you are free to seek me out and challenge me to hand-to-hand combat. loser has to change their opinion

Sid's gender-free guide to facial hair & shaving 

Hi y'all. I wrote a guide for shaving and facial hair for all guys, gals and nonbinary and trans pals a while back and people responded well to it, so I had some requests to revisit the subject.

Whether you're on hormones, or going thru puberty or what your skin and hair texture are like right now, I hope you'll be able to get something out of it.

Maybe you've never had anyone to walk you through how to get a good shave. If that's so, just think of me as your supportive dad! :blobfingerguns:

We'll start by talking about the hair itself

just another day at the communal, worker led, mutual aid based dick sucking factory

White women might think that highlighting the harm they do is just a token effort to remind them that they're white, to make sure they don't get off scot-free. They might think that their femininity means that they remain "less bad" than white men. This is not the case.

White women very specifically weaponise *their gender* to enact racist violence. White femininity, specifically, is harmful.

commiting vehicular lanslaughter. I'm running over a router.

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