I'm gonna recap
so I posted a boost meme last night about monstergirls, and since there's no way to set up a followers-only boost meme (that I know about)

so I went and I found the monster girl wiki, for more variety, and I used their random page button, took that monster and took out their sex-crazed-incel lore and gave a vanilla description of the monster and sometimes, if it wasn't loli, or too sexual I copied and pasted the art right off the wiki.

its easy to blame me for looking at the wiki and not seeing the problem, but I did see the problem and tried to make it nonsexual.

thus I'm now suspended from berries.space (and to lesser importance honey.church) and I'm currently getting anon hate and being called a pedophile for sending pictures of anthropromorthized umbrellas and gremlin girls.

nobody stopped me and during my suspension nothing was said to me and the only way I found out was someone on my tl.


I think its incredibly irresponsible that none of the people who had problems came to me (the one who can fix it) with complaints. this is the culture of dehumanizing we've built on tumblr and it needs to stop. I am a sweet person who almost panicked because I was so stressed at the events. no part of me supports any pedophilia and honestly i deserve to be able to voice this

this will be pinned for awhile, sorry for length and spam

@8track gd is this what happened? I'm sorry that's such a dick move for none of them to say anything...

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