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Hi current followers, what do you follow me for?

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This image is meant to convey "Tea" as in gossip, but I relate to it literally

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Nazis, EU pol 

Vaguesly political nonsense about furry 

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Congresswoman @IlhanMN argued that #abortion bans are meant "to criminalize women for simply existing, to punish us when we don’t conform to their attempts to control us."

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HERE IT IS. Video of Nigel Farage actually getting milkshake thrown on him

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Okay this Huawei thing is really bringing up a few issues around a lot of standards bodies being based in the US

The SD Association is based in California which means that Huawei can't say their products support SD cards

And the Wi-Fi Alliance is based in Texas which means Huawei won't be to certify that their products work with wi-fi

And the Bluetooth SIG is based in Washington, which means they can't use Bluetooth

This is a problem

Hi current followers, what do you follow me for?

I forgot the only thing searchable on Mastodon is hashtag again. I need to get better and relearn how mastodon works.

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I see a lot of cool people have send me following request while I was on hiatus. I am now going to process them. Thank you all for your interests. This might not be as interesting an account as you expect

*What has changed?*
I am now a Trotskyist. I graduated. Beside that not a whole lot.

My main contribution to humanity is that I translate some communist documents among English, Chinese, Japanese. And I would love to talk to people about some of those topics.

I have revived this account because, I guess, I can use it to maybe talk to people. It's been quite some time before last time I used this site. I don't know what to expect. Everything is at the same time familiar and different.

Please be gentle..?

We can blame many things
rigged election system
but ultimately the apathy of the people towards and lack of leftwing populism is what killed the hope for a leftwing surge.
People don't trust the liberals, why would they? When the same liberals only continued neoliberal oppression.
There must be an antiestablishment leftwing populism that calls for REAL progressivism.

Japanese left received sobering defeat. We are reminded again and again that liberals cannot defeat nationalist right. Communists must arise and give people hope, telling them Capitalism, not China or Korea, is the root of their suffering

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