Who the fuck are tooting ??? Are people serious? He is literally the same rapist and racist (pro-segregation, proud architect of the mass incarceration) mentally-frail white old dude.

The only advantage of him over Trump is that he will probably die earlier.

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“We have never seen this extent of eviction in such a truncated amount of time in our history. We can expect this to increase dramatically in the coming weeks and months, especially as the limited support and intervention measures that are in place start to expire.”


When someone says that Marx, a Jew himself, was an "anti-Semite" (yes, with the dash spelling. A racist dog whistle), you know you have too much internet for today.

Oh and apparently the language filter is now working. That's fantastic. That takes out probably half of the volume of my federated TL. But it's still too fast to read directly.

I turned off the advanced interface because I have forgotten how to use it effectively and now it's just confusing

I like how when you clear your followings, the home TL is actually empty.

Vaguesly political nonsense about furry 

Recently I got into this Chinese mobile game called Arknights (some intro reddit.com/r/arknights/comment). It has characters with animal attributes to varying degrees and a set of categories for "race" based on these attributes. For example, Texas here en.rhinelab.org/Texas has a racial category of Lupus. It is not that relevant to the topic.

The topic is, I don't know how furry fandom deals with inter-species relationship. I am not a furry so how can I know

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*What has changed?*
I am now a Trotskyist. I graduated. Beside that not a whole lot.

My main contribution to humanity is that I translate some communist documents among English, Chinese, Japanese. And I would love to talk to people about some of those topics.

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I have revived this account because, I guess, I can use it to maybe talk to people. It's been quite some time before last time I used this site. I don't know what to expect. Everything is at the same time familiar and different.

Please be gentle..?

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Day 8: Literary adaptation. Posting this a little late, but under the circumstances it's something of a miracle that I have anything to post at all. mastodon.social/media/GmQXKdSG

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Where we programmers fall down on the job is that we're so enamored with universal machines—with general purpose computing—that we then behave as if all problems are universal & all solutions are general purpose.

We'd make lousy plumbers.

The issue isn't that there's a mismatch between requirements as specified and requirements as interpreted by programmers.

The issue is that increasingly we articulate problems in terms of universalizable requirements instead of problem domain-specific tools.

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is it true that the border between montana and idaho changes every day, and that currently montana is winning

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it is astounding how casually genocidal the israelis, many young, interviewed in this video are youtu.be/1e_dbsVQrk4

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