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PUP 101: Introduction to Dogology 

Hey everyone!~ I'm Cassie, professional code booper by day, furry border collie girl by night. I'm intersex + ace IRL, and (hopefully) a good dog online.

I'm a sucker for arts and crafts of all sorts, with cooking and digital painting being my biggest passions! Expect plenty of food pics and doodles.

Oh! I also love listening to and talking about music. Indie/alternative rock, punk, and electronica are my jam~

Did I mention I'm a good dog? ;w;

I think... I've officially hit the point where I'm gonna use my other account as my main from now on. x.o Follow me on @99CentSoftness for dogness and stuff. :3

I think... I've officially hit the point where I'm gonna use my other account as my main from now on. x.o Follow me on @99CentSoftness for dogness and stuff. :3

ANYWAY. Sorry to vent that kinda stuff on here. x.x I've been trying to make this more of a positive space, and I should try to maintain that a bit better.

Hope you're all doing well today.

Tangentially McCain-related stuff 

Like... quite frankly? It comes across more as a convenient excuse to stunt criticism and change by enshrining problematic actions as "someone's legacy". And to the people hurting and needing to recover from those actions... that's not acceptable.

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Tangentially McCain-related stuff 

I think a lot of people confuse "respecting the dead" with "ruling them out from being thought of critically". The world doesn't stop turning because someone passed away. And the effects of anything they've done, bad, good or otherwise, don't just evaporate into the ether.

cassie.exe has become self-aware and has now replicated herself to another Mastadon account

Slightly Less Horny Macro Thoughts 

Me being macro = trying to think of all sorts of small objects to use as scale references. l3 You're roughly the size of:
- a broccoli floret
- an artisan keycap
- a grain of quinoa
- my dignity

Horny Macro Thoughts 

Lowkey kinda smitten with the thought of having someone the size of a sunflower seed lost in my cleavage all day, with no one any the wiser. >w>

Local dog narrows down list to three furry Mastadon instances to join, reaches peak indecisiveness ;w;

Furry Problems 

There's always eventually going to be a point where you realize that life's too short to deal with toxic, trashy people, and... I am so beyond that tonight.

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Furry Problems 

I like RP... but holy shit is it some of the most excruciating thing, putting up with antisocial jerks that dominate most of the furry RP sites out there. x.x Like, it gets the point where you just ask yourself why you're putting up with people who treat you like gum to be chewed and thrown away. It's effin' painful...

Let's. Like. Nuke asshats from our lives and do things that actually make us happy. =w=

Grass jelly -seems- kinda weird, but it's honestly pretty good if you have it with some milk tea. cwc

Kink Jokes 

Inflation can be a bit hard to explain the appeal of. You really need to expand on it.

Mildly Horny Furry Thoughts 

@99CentSoftness I have Ulfra (both sheep and wolf versions) for that!

Mildly Horny Furry Thoughts 

A huge motherly werewolf who can pluck you up with little effort and plop you in her lap for the night is such a mood, wow. c.c;

Part of me's kinda curious if hibiscus + red wine would be a good flavor pairing. x.o Or heck, hibiscus + white/rose.

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