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It does mean I get to post this pic of wilma again though ☺️

Putting on my slippers and shuffling over to


Paulie: are you sayin he’s a fuckin clown?
Tony: *sighs* he says its comedy del art
Christopher: Comedy del arte ?
Tony: Ooo! Whaddidi jus say?
Paulie: *gestures*

Probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me was the time I sneezed while brushing my teeth

What if you jerked off and lifelong fulfilment came out

Uproar as the instance starts keeping and displaying a public tally ranking how much of a horse every poster is

friendly reminder to drink at least 7 cups of bong water every day!

listen if you eat alf you gain all his powers AND the powers of all the cats he’s eaten, that’s just science

  🌤  ☁️  
 ☁️    ☁️☁️
 ⛈ ☁️    

horse in a locker room trying to ask a big guy if he’s natural orrrrrr? ... but he can only communicate through neighs

my boss told me our team will be allowed to unionize if this gets more than 40 boosts

Staring my cat straight in the face as I chug most of a Smart Water ™️ bottle , mocking her for not having the coordination to do such a thing

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