We just gave a presentation on the section partnership of Amnesty International in Ghana and Germany at the meeting of the German board. We explained the history and background, achievements and the next steps that have been agreed on. We're happy that the German board is very fond of this unique cooperation and suppportive. @amnestyjugend

It's been a pleasure to have you in Germany, Dan Yirga of the Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO - ehrco.org/).Thank you for having been here and for inspiring so many people!It was amazing:)Keep up the great work and we all hope to see you again!Have a safe trip! @amnestyjugend

Dan Yirga of the Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO - ehrco.org/) and the coordination group of Amnesty Germany working on in Ethiopia are presenting the work of EHRCO and explaining the human rights situation at an evening organised by Amnesty in Munich

Last week the coordination groups of AI Germany working on in African countries met to update each other on their work and to learn more about the work of Amnesty in Ghana.The groups also discussed how to continue to work on antiracism, antidiscrimination and to become more aware for decolonization and colonialities.This process is supported by the Diaspora Policy Institute.Thank you DPI! @amnestyjugend

Gestern ging die Amnesty-Jahresversammlung 2022 in #koeln zu Ende. Informativ und arbeitsintensiv wie jedes Jahr. War schön nach langer Zeit mal wieder so viele Mitstreiter*innen in Präsenz zu treffen, besonders bei der öffentlichen Aktion am Dom. Eine Zusammenfassung hier 👇

Am 09.06.22 findet um 18.15 Uhr unser Infoabend "Above and Beyond for Human Rights" mit dem
Themenschwerpunkt Menschenrechte in Äthiopien in der Kinemathek statt. Bei der
Veranstaltung zeigen wir den Film "das Mädchen Hirut" anschließend gibt es eine Diskussionsrunde mit dem
Menschenrechtsaktivisten Dan Yirga Haile vom Ethiopian Human Rights Council, dem diesjährige Gewinner des #Menschenrechtspreises von #AmnestyInternational Deutschland. #ethopia #karlsruhe #kinematic #ehrco #menschenrechte

The Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO - ehrco.org/) is doing great work for in Ethiopa.U r amazing, thanks alot for what u r doing and congrats for receiving this year's human rights award of Amnesty Germany! @amnestyjugend

Dan Yirga of the Ethiopian Human Rights Council and winner of the human rights award of Amnesty Germany is giving a speech at the Annual General Meeting and informing about EHRCOs amazing work @amnestyjugend

The Annual General Meeting of Amnesty International in Germany has finally started!Excited about the upcoming discussions, motions and actions that are being taken @amnestyjugend

First meeting of the board chairs of Amnesty International in Ghana and Germany at the German Annual General Meeting! More meetings to follow on the partnership of the two sections @amnestyjugend

Meet&greet of members of Amnesty Germany with international guests at the Annual General Meeting. Welcome to the board chair of Amnesty Ghana! @amnestyjugend

We're looking forward to welcoming the Board Chairman of Amnesty International in Ghana for this year's AnnualGeneralMeeting of Amnesty International in Germany! See u tomorrow!

Heute stehen wir auf dem Rathausplatz in #Freiburg und machen uns für folgende Forderungen stark:
- die europäischen Staaten sollen die #Flüchtlinge aus den Lagern von den Inseln Griechenlands evakuieren und sie an Orten unterbringen, wo sie mit dem Notwendigsten versorgt und vor #Corona geschützt sind
- Deutschland und andere europäische Staaten sollen #Griechenland humanitär und finanziell unterstützen
- besonders schutzbedürftige Menschen sollen in #Deutschland aufgenommen werden! 💛🇪🇺

Unterschreibt den Appell online unter amnesty.de/mitmachen/petition/

@amnestyjugend @AI_GhanaGermany

#LeaveNoOneBehind #rechtaufasyl
#Menschenrechte #Amnesty #moriaevakuieren #Moria

Thanks to all the 2441 supporters who signed to abolish in Ghana! Due to the crisis we needed to give a meeting with the ambassador a miss, so the petitions are on their way to the ambassy of Ghana in Germany now.



Young amnesty activits from Amnesty Ghana and @amnestyjugend produced this video to fight gender inequality:

In the current crisis we notice gender inequality eminently.
Most of the system-relevant care-work is completed by women and is shamefully bad paid.
Additionally most of the unpaid carework "at home", like watching forcibly at home staying children, is carried out by women due to unjustified gender roles.

Let's be !

@PresidentBio and @dsengeh: What are your plans to guarantee every girl’s right to education without stigmatizing them? Implement ECOWAS Court’s judgement and immediately in

Pregnant schoolgirls in need the chance to fulfil their dreams!

Don't miss this blog on the long battle to keep pregnant girls in school published by the Daily Maverik in South Africa and keep supporting Amnesty's campaign!


Join Amnesty International in Germany, Amnesty International in Ghana @amnestyjugend in calling for the right to education for pregnant girls in Sierra Leone! Print out attached sign, take a picture, post it and help to

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