Thanks to all the 2441 supporters who signed to abolish in Ghana! Due to the crisis we needed to give a meeting with the ambassador a miss, so the petitions are on their way to the ambassy of Ghana in Germany now.



Young amnesty activits from Amnesty Ghana and @amnestyjugend produced this video to fight gender inequality:

In the current crisis we notice gender inequality eminently.
Most of the system-relevant care-work is completed by women and is shamefully bad paid.
Additionally most of the unpaid carework "at home", like watching forcibly at home staying children, is carried out by women due to unjustified gender roles.

Let's be !

@PresidentBio and @dsengeh: What are your plans to guarantee every girl’s right to education without stigmatizing them? Implement ECOWAS Court’s judgement and immediately in

Pregnant schoolgirls in need the chance to fulfil their dreams!

Don't miss this blog on the long battle to keep pregnant girls in school published by the Daily Maverik in South Africa and keep supporting Amnesty's campaign!

Join Amnesty International in Germany, Amnesty International in Ghana @amnestyjugend in calling for the right to education for pregnant girls in Sierra Leone! Print out attached sign, take a picture, post it and help to

Amnesty International in Germany, Amnesty International in Ghana, @amnestyjugend together we are asking the government of Sierra Leone to stop discriminatory and degrading treatment of pregnant girls and respect their human rights

Since 2015 Amnesty International in Ghana and in Germany have been campaigning that pregnant girls in Sierra Leone have access to education. The ECOWAS Court of Justice found that the government of Sierra Leone’s ban on pregnant girls attending mainstream school and sitting exams violates their human rights including the right to non-discrimination.On we call on the government, to fully implement ECOWAS Court of Justice’ decision as a matter of urgency.

Pregnant girls are banned from mainstream schools in . ECOWAS Court says this ban is a violation of girls’ rights and must be revoked. Countries with similar bans: take notice!

Let Ghana be next! Amnesty International in Ghana had a meeting with President Akufo-Addo to push for the abolition of the and to discuss prison conditions in Ghana! Great work! Amnesty International in Germany collected more than 1500 signatures so far to support the cause. It is planned to hand them over at the Ghanaian Embassy to further lobby for the removal of the death penalty. @amnestyjugend

Great success for girls' rights in :

The ECOWAS Court of Justice ruled on 12th dec that the government’s ban on pregnant girls attending schools and sitting exams is unlawful.

Many of you in both Ghana and Germany worked on the topic.

This is the perfect proof of what we can achieve if we stand together and fight human rights violations!

Please find the press release:
and a great video on the topic:

Yesterday was !Students in Ghana and Germany are demanding the release of Yasaman.She’s been sentenced to 16 yrs in prison for campaigning against forced veiling.Here are students from Sokakope Senior High School in Ghana callining for her release.Also join in and demand she is released now! @amnestyjugend

Today is !Students in Ghana and Germany are demanding the release of Yasaman Aryani.She’s been sentenced to 16 yrs in prison for campaigning against forced veiling.Join in and demand she is released now!

What an adventure and an exciting time we had!Thank you Nannette for having been @amnestyjugend ! Sad that you are leaving, everyone is going to miss you. Have a safe trip!

Little to the plenary at our youth camp last week: motions were decided, important discussions were led, the new German Youth Representation @amnestyjugend was elected - and most importantly: our guests introced themselves ;)

Today Nannette and @BeautyTawiah finally arrived in the most beautiful city of Germany: Frankfurt <3

On the third day of our little calender let's review the third day of our speakers tour: We joined a march against violence against women on the international action day.
On this occasion please check out this amazing video by Amnesty Ghana against domestic violence:

Pics from our Workshop at the youth camp! We discussed how a partnership between the youth of both sections @amnestyjugend could look like - but results are still secret;)
we will hopefully take next steps together with the speakers of both youth board on saturday.
Stay Tuned!

We will start today with the amazing twinning-evening at the office of Amnesty Munich
last tuesday. Several groups of Amnesty Munich joined to discuss various topics, starting with the challenges in the twinning to gender based violence

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