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Christmas is coming near and Beauty and Nannette just arrived at Wuppertal - a great opportunity to start an advent calender with the best moments of this years' visit!

We had a great and interesting time at Jugend@Amnesty which was hosted by @amnestyjugend in Mannheim! Lots of interesting debates and sharing of ideas on human rights work! Nannette and Beauty are now on their way to Wuppertal to visit the university group.

Jetzt beginnt Tag 3 von Jugend@Amnesty. Heute besprechen wir Anträge und die neue Jugendvertretung wird gewählt.
#amnestyjugend #humanrightsforfuture

Nannette had the chance to talk at the board meeting of @amnesty_de last weekend. It was very interesting to hear what made her join @amnestyghana and what she is currently working on. She also met the German Youth Representative Committee @AmnestyJugend

Lots of people came last night to Nannette's presentation at the Amnesty University Group in Würzburg! It's been a great evening! Thank you very much for the warm hearted welcome, the little presents and making the effort to cook a Ghanaian dish! Now we're on the way to the youth conference Jugend@Amnesty of @amnestyjugend !

Happy to announce that Beauty's appeal has been successful and she got her visa! Everyone in Germany is excited to welcome her soon and that Nannette and her will be united! @amnestyjugend

Happy that Nannette from Amnesty International in Ghana arrived safely. Tonight will be a donation dinner in Munich where she'll meet the Secretary General of Amnesty in Germany and tomorrow a meeting with the board.If you want to know more about Nannette,here's an interview:

Last preparations of the Amnesty group in Munich for the visit of the Amnesty delegation from Ghana. Let's keep fingers crossed that the visa problems will be solved!

We are happy that young delegates from Amnesty International Ghana Youth will visit the yoth camp of @amnestyjugend in almost two weeks now!
Right now, everythink is really stressful due to visa application and organising. But we are all looking very forward to it! We'll update you soon!

Keep your fingers crossed!

we are very happy to announce that a delegation visit to the german youth camp Jugend@Amnesty by two Ghanaian delegates was made possible this year by the Munich group working on human rights in Africa! Thank you! A great opportunity to strengthen the partnership and

If you are interested in their work, check it out on facebook and Instagram:

Get rid of the death penalty! - The University group in Kumasi also took part on the World Day against the and called for its abolition.

Today is World Day Against . Members of Amnesty International Germany support Amnesty Ghana's call for abolishing the death penalty in Ghana

Wir hatten einen tollen Stand heute zum Welttag gegen die #Todesstrafe, auch wenn das Wetter nicht so wollte. Mit einigen Leuten konnten wir intensiv diskutieren. Danke an alle, die da waren 🙌


A lot of people came to our Amnesty International Ghana-Germany twinning coordinators training workshop in who wanted to learn about how the twinning program is organized and what our goals are. Today we will be working more specifically with people who already are taking part in the twinning program and make a video call with the ghanaian partner groups.

One of the major foundations of the partnership of Amnesty International in Ghana and in Germany is the Twinning Programme. Volunteer groups from both countries work together on human rights as Twinning Partners.They share experiences, do joint actions and get to know each other.Amnesty in Ghana is having a workshop for Twinning Groups in its section.Have a successful workshop!We're excited about new ideas that will be gathered!

To be brave means...with this nice idea the AI group Wasserburg particpated in the joint action for

As being a common action, not only the German groups from Bavaria were active, but also groups from Ghana participated in the campaign collecting signatures for the . Thank you for the great pictures.

An eye-catcher thanks to the beautiful cloth from @amnestyghana: the @amnesty_de group from Augsburg also organised a stand yesterday and collected signatures for the and for a petition against the death penalty in Ghana.

Even small cities like Hof participated yesterday in the joint Bavarian activity to collect signatures for the and the petition against the death penalty in Ghana. Great job! @amnestyghana @amnesty_de

Another Munich Amnesty group hiding in the shade but not hiding from people to make them sign letters for the They're having a stand at the International Festival in the Westend of Munich.

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