Yeah, it's weird not knowing many people and awesome that I haven't seen *his* name yet.

We have a cockatiel, Tyra. She is a contrary and unlikable critter. She loves my husbo but doesn't care for me.

Today, just purely out of spite, she screeched and fussed while I was trying to write. Because she knows it drives me right 'round the bend.

Some days, I just want to put a bag over her.

If you've always wanted to deal with the aftermath of half-assed decisions made decades ago by a perfect stranger, home ownership may be for you.

Computers are bad for you. You know Ada Lovelace? She was the first programmer.
Guess what?
She is dead!
Don't let it happen to you or your loved ones. Talk to your kids about #programming today!

My dog, Lucy, had a pack day today. She's an energetic pup and every couple of weeks she needs to get it all out. She is home now, fed and sleeping it off.

Just finished contacting my reps with the resist bot.

Is it weird that I have a million random thoughts to tweet but I get here and don't know what to say?


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