@AKanisetti I see this picture again and again with the wrong caption. If you would just read it's abstract (doi.org/10.1038/356739a0), or just it's first sentence ("There is plenty of anectdotal evidence that large areas of the scientific literature are becoming incomprehensible to all but a few initiates"). You would see that it's not about the paywall, but that science has become so specialized that it has become impossible to understand scientists from other fields, even if they are related.

@attilakinali @AKanisetti Right, but it's not exactly a good look (although it only works because 'inaccessibility' has two meanings lol).

. @AKanisetti For those who encounter a paywall on an article they'd like to read, I'd recommend contacting the author directly. They don't typically benefit from the paywall and are often happy to share their work.

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