I'm a goat. I'm a goat. I hop and I bleat. Bleat bleat. (only twice) I then stick my nose through the fence as you have food. You have food, right?

okay, now that I figured it out, let's try and hop ship over to, uh, witches.live

yelling eat my ass as loud as I can while John Bolton just stares at me

fortunately, I am a robot goat, so I produce machine guns out of my legs like Astro Boy so I just blow him away

hey, I've played this game, it's Illusion of Gaia, one of Quintet's games

most of my party is going to die on the way there, mostly before the midpoint

@prpl@dragon.style it's a rough subset to comment on because there's more or less zero information about it, save from third-party sources

APARTHEID continues to be in the lurch with this most important and small minority of Israel

@prpl@dragon.style I've come to the conclusion that I have to visit you to really understand what's up

sorry to badger you with the previous toots

I'm having a hard time getting over this, but I have to say it.

Pete Buttigieg's husband is named Chasten. As in to chastise someone. No disrespect to him, but good lord, the fact that the gay presidential candidate is named to WILL ABSTAIN FROM SEX FOREVER is fucking me up

@prpl@dragon.style you're like one of my oldest friends, so I'm not going to go hardstyle on you, just want to know what's up

@prpl@dragon.style yeah, and I just found out why

that's a uh, quite an article, were you thinking of noname and what's his name when you wrote it?

@fribbledom any advice? keep to the smaller ones and talk to the folks you know to keep your federated timeline decent? I can't make a fourth column on here

@fribbledom it appears you know you know how to use it, 10,400 followers, holy macaroni

I think I understand why people federate or create other accounts now, sheesh

this is terrible, I hate this

I hate Twitter, but I can only make three columns?

@prpl@dragon.style did you switch full over to Mastodon? couldn't find you on Twitter

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