Went to the park today to play Smash Tanks! In a huge life size game area. I gave to admit, it looked great but it was hard playing like that.

Smash Tanks! received out Editor's Choice award. A fantastic ARKit game with local multiplayer and tons of fun action gameplay. 👍

Check out my review and read why I love this game so much: arcritic.com/1237/smash-tanks-


You know what’s great about tooting, is that I can actually write mini articles, not like Twitter that limits my writing creativity and make me write weird short sentences. :blobugh:

Another cool image of me playing the called Blasterd. This effect happens when you hit one of the bomb tiles in the game, the bomb explodes and hit all the tiles around it, leaving a beautiful fire splash effect after it. It's a really cool game. If you love playing I highly recommend download this game.


This is a gameplay from my favorite ARKit game called Smash Tanks!. Smash Tanks is a singleplayer and local game for and that supports Apple's ARKit technology.

Each side has three tanks. You need to fling those tanks against your opponents and reduce their health. The goal is to eliminate all the three tanks of your enemies before they do the same to you.

The game features power-ups and really fun physics. 👍


This is a really cool effect from the game Blasterd, an augmented reality game for it's basically a first-person shooter where you need to eliminate all times in front of you to move on to the next level. It has really vibrant and colorful visual effects that makes the entire gameplay experience more fun and thrilling.

You can play this game id you have an or that supports Apple's ARKit .


Enjoy tooting so much. How can I not heard about this social network earlier. The instances is a great idea. I can’t wait to explore different ones.

So much fun starting fresh with a new social network, I feel like I was born again. Can’t wait to meet you guys and chat about Augmented Reality!

If you love and love you want to follow my Mastodon page. I share great review, news and articles on the best for and including gameplay and screenshots. Thank you!

Hi guys, nice to meet you all! so excited to try out all the new features in this emerging social network

For those who joined right now: check out Smash Tanks!, a superb multiplayer game featuring explosive tank battles 🔥 and lots of other cool gameplay mechanics. Read my review to find out more: arcritic.com/1237/smash-tanks-



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