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hi β™₯
sorry about the MIA, I come bearing a painting for naughty project I've been working on.

closeups and a PSD can be found on my patreon:

New #asmr video is up! If you like pencil on paper and whispers/soft spoken check out this Color Your Tarot Fool Edition

Why #PayPal’s crackdown on #ASMR creators should worry you

Attacks on the perceived sexuality of a new kind of artists bodes ill for all of us.

Why #PayPal ’s crackdown on #ASMR creators should worry you
#engadget blocked by javascript; the author is not reaching her full audience

'This past week, nonsexual #ASMR video creators... have been permanently banned from #PayPal and had their funds frozen for 180 days. Like with YouTube's July #censorship sweep, the women create videos of sound effects and have been expelled from the payment utility under alleged violations of the company's sexual content policy prohibitions. ASMR community websites are now warning all creators to avoid PayPal.'

I have discovered ASMR. I don’t exactly understand how it works but I’ve had the best nap ever while listening to this. I’ve had sleeping problems lately so this gives me hope!


I'm going to bed, and that means it's time for some #ASMR ~content~. Tonight: an old classic: Gibi ASMR as Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers.

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