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Stacey Abrams on Why Voter Turnout Is More Important Than Conversion via @YouTube

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No more tomorrow; take steps today. We demand #climatejustice against the vulnerabilities. Ensure our sequrity– we want implementation of the Paris Agreement.
#ClimateStrike #COP26

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They should impeach him again.

Trump has sparked ‘crisis in the rule of law’ over Stone case, Schumer says

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@Aryakicksbutt And everyone else #Resist #HeroesResist

I couldn't believe that I had to do a tweet about this just a few minutes ago. One resist acct was asking other resist accts "who should she vote for in the primary."

When someone has to ask other accts on who to vote for in the primary, then you have a problem.

It should be who YOU think is best suited for the job as long as it's blue.

Do not make this complicated.

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BREAKING: Andrew Yang is dropping out of the Democratic presidential race for White House. “The decision was pretty clear,” Yang’s campaign manager tells me. “It doesn't feel honest to keep taking money and enthusiasm from our supporters, but also from the Democratic Party."

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As long as the media continues portraying Democrats as disorganized, incompetent, bickering, and complaining...and we allow or contribute to it...Trump and the Republicans are winning. 

If a certain candidate is yours, vote for them in the primary with gusto. That's what it's for. Vet them, talk about them. Nobody wants an electorate picking a candidate uninformed.

But we need a candidate who can build a coalition, not destroy it. #MondayMorning


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