Peanuts? I don’t get paid enough for peanut butter, let alone peanutsǃ

i think we should leave social media behind and just join one big minecraft server

here mastodon, have my favourite photo of 2018: my beautiful baby investigating some pretty flowers

Some thumbnails & ideation for the last design!

I tend to throw a lot of stuff at a wall before something sticks. The thumbs are on top of my research notes, where I usually try to find some strange and interesting costumes, attitudes, and people to pad my brain with :)

#mastoart #creativetoots #conceptart #gamedev

If you want to learn more about Doom and how it was made, I have a great recommendation: Fabien Sanglard is releasing the sequel to his great Wolfenstein 3D Game Engine Black Book, next week! You can pre-order it on google play

id Software

Quick bust sculpt I completed on my #Twitch stream a few months ago of a Tiefling Bard. To watch a timelapse, check out the artstation link!

#mastoart #3d #characterart #gameart #gamedev #dnd

Also this is my new dnd boy i just started playing. He’s an eccentric gay writer of gothic fiction who’s just kinda too dumb to realise he’s a warlock. Luv him. Art drawn by panhasapen on tumblr

I wanna just share a couple of gifs and clips from mostly bc there's a game tonight and i'm worried about Simon

sorry for how much art im posting im legit just crossposting it from my other social medias to here anyways here's my old dnd character, hestia !!

in hopes of eventually rekindling my artistic drive here's my good dnd boy rilien that i drew a billion years ago

good god i have no idea what i'm doing

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