In you can do a lot with extensions, but it still bugs me that you can't add a variable to track the state of something without subclassing. It seems like the compiler could create a subclass for you, but that seems kinda ugly too.

It's not a wonder so many software projects grow so out-of-control when you have to add another file just to add a variable to an object.🙄

The cats were playing keyboard commando again last night, but instead of inserting a bunch of gibberish in my code, they actually turned up something interesting.
I love little treats's like this☺️

I have written this at least 8 times now. Should be part of the standard library🙄

Ranting about the walled garden 

me: It's too bad there is no way to power the new Mac mini straight from DC. They power laptops from USB-c now, why don't they use that?🤔

also me: *checks USB specs* USB PD 2.0 can handle a maximum of 100 W, my old mini has a 110W power supply, surely they don't use as much power anymore.

also me: *checks Mac mini specs* WOW this thing is a beast!

With Swift 4.2's CaseIterable for enums this becomes a nice one-liner👍

Guess I’m ditching the xcassets and creating my sprite atlas on the fly from UIImages ☺️

Now with the big refactor is out of the way, and the export bug is fixed, I’m Finally making some good progress on adding Siri Shortcuts to $tacks

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