Because I've been feeling overwhelmed here I've decided to switch over to (username is @aaronb - feel free to follow me there).

Thank you to @Gargron for all of the work he puts in with development and moderation over here.

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I presume the User Count Bot is across all instances, is that correct?

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The daughter came home at about 11pm last night. She had a blast on her trip and both my wife and I are glad to have her home.

RIP my Uncle Mark who passed away peacefully last night. has been wonderful from tracking my daughter's flights to and from Israel.

Just a thought, but seeing the Twitterrific folks here made me wonder what would happen if they and other devs who are being hit by the Twitter API changes start seeing Mastodon as a more reliable/interesting platform and invest in the future of it. This could be a game changer for Mastodon. I always closely connected the success of Twitter with good third party apps. For those devs it’s now all about their future as well. /cc @bigzaphod

Good take from
Pro sports leagues should be founded by 8 used car salesmen in a bar, and start off playing to fans in high school bleachers until they save enough money to build their own stadiums

Lastly, before I finally go to sleep, if you haven't, take the time to thank the developers of your Twitter client of choice. If their app has a tip char or they have a donate option on their site, use it. If this is hard for you, it's worse for them because someone just nuked...

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I'm not a fan of what Twitter is doing to 3rd party apps but dude! Don't you think saying you want to punch Jack over it is a bit much?

about 4 hours until my daughter is back in the U.S. We're excited to have her back home after her first international vacation.

Dishes have been washed. I know the Fediverse is excited by this news.

PA Catholic Church Indictment Thoughts 

PA Catholic Church Indictment Thoughts 

Yesterday I tell a client I'm going to be at their location first thing in the morning to fix their problem. Of course they aren't there.

Did you know: it's possible to disagree with someone's opinion without being outraged.

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