Whelp, I now have a bug in my iOS app that crashes both the app AND XCode. 😩

@guerrillarain@witches.town I think this is coming in soon as a optional feature for the instance. It's optional since it requires a separate db for the searches which could be quite expensive for the host of the instance.


Black Panther discourse 

@guerrillarain@witches.town I don't understand how someone who uses British Imperialism quotes("The sun will never set on the Wakandan empire") can be seen as someone for black liberation.

Reading W3C spec examples makes me oddly optimistic. Like yes, my financial situation will be easily solved once I send the semantically correct status codes.

Giantbomb GOTY 

I've never seen a audience/comment section so out of touch. It's like despite spending €50 on a subscription this is the first piece they've ever listened to/watched.

They literally can't stand that a woman got a dating sim in the top ten over their favourite game that none of the staff liked.

@QuietMisdreavus This is actually available in my unfinished mastodon iOS app. When I can get around to working back on it again, I'll send you a testflight for it.

Time to finally reset my Windows machine. A machine filled with countless bugs.

Such as not being able to type into windows search after I've already searched once since boot.
I could still copy and paste just not type.



8½ (Italian, 1963)
The 400 Blows (French, 1959)
Red Cliff (Chinese, 2009)
Aguirre, the Wrath of God (German, 1972)
Unforgiven (American, 1992)

@GinnyMcQueen@kitty.town @jillybobww@kitty.town @guerrillarain@witches.town I think anarchism is not about "people will always make the right decision", rather it is about distributing power to the point that abuse of that power is minimal, and the removal of artificial scarcities that prevent people from receiving the support they need.

Also anarchism is so broad you really need to find out what a person's niche is when you discuss it, as you could end up talking to Anarcho-Captialists which are just mega libertarians.

@Gargron Why couldn't you have both? You could allow people to enter the shortcodes on their client and convert that into the unicode?

@plsburydoughboy Wait, is this just coming up when you're running Windows? You mentioned earlier you bought the humble PC bundle. I would stop any of the applications you got from that if they are running in the background.

@plsburydoughboy From looking it up, try running the application in compatibility mode for Windows 7.

It's kinda weird to think about a social network where businesses own their own presences, rather than relying on a capricious third party service like Twitter or Facebook. Imagine NBC or The Verge running a Mastodon instance for their reporters to toot from, or Bethesda operating an instance for PR and customer support. No more lost business when Facebook changes their algorithms again because they need more money from boosted posts.

Weird, right?


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