Wow a lot of people take pictures of pheasants no one knows about and say "WOW LOOK, PHEASANT/PEACOCK HYBRID". This is a Palawan Peacock Pheasant, AGAIN, I SHALL NOT BE FOOLED

And some people say this is a chicken/pheasant hybrid but I am doubtful. It looks so... put-together, instead of like a mistake of nature

And I also learned other people like to claim Ocellated Turkeys are turley/peacock hybrids. The scoundrels. I know of these birds, I shall not be fooled

Today I learned some Galliformes can interbreed and make hybrids?? Like according to the owner, this is the result of a chicken/peacock pairing. NICE

I ate a chunk to make sure it was not poison, it was very not poison

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To be clear, I have a boyf and the only reason I gave my number is because it would have been uncomfortable to say "no" and I'm a big wimp

Whoops a guy who works at my gym saw me sitting in a train station and asked for my number and I gave it to him

I got a thing of cherry jam and have already eaten half of it, someone save me from myself

Maybe now, in my old age of 25, I will even appreciate green bean casserole. Especially since it would not just be canned mushroom soup and canned green beans and once-crispy, now-soggy onions

Tony was unaware of both green bean and sweet potato casseroles as Thanksgiving sides. I don't really want to make them, but he mustn't continue to miss out on these essential holiday elements, right?

TFW your publisher wishes you a happy holiday that you'll be working through because you have a deadline like 3 days after

Spoons always beelines for my water glass when I pour new water and at this point in our relationship I don't even toss it once she's violated it with her cat tongue. I'll die from drinking cat germs and I've accepted it

A week to go and 33 out of 120 pages left to ink for Earth Before Us 2! I haven't been able to work on anything else this month due to the tight deadline but it's been kinda nice putting my head down and focusing on one thing instead of 5 at once

I recommend their album Endless Summer for anybody who likes to have a good time and vicariously live a tortured party lifestyle in LA

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