The Tao of Linux:

You can have no issues from hardware that has no driver (@awilfox)

Games do not crash if you can not play them

If screen tearing occurs, delete xorg.conf and remove the xorg server packages, and then you will have no screen tearing.

The software that has no bugs is the software you cannot obtain for your platform

Bugs are only shallow if the puddle is widespread

If you have the source, but cannot comprehend it all, can you ever truly debug it?

Words from the Iain M. Banks story I am randomly reading that seem a little relevant

Let's start a war, start a nuclear war, 

I guess you can't remove the human nature from the social network after all. Ha.

commentary about United but this time with a clever Monty Python reference 

i will fight every single person suggesting that a "reputation score" is the way to fix abuse
have you been on reddit ever

A pride of lions.
A murder of crows.
A federation of nerds.

families being horrible to their gay kids 

[current events bullshit] 


My two primary usecases for social media:

1) Howling into the void, but with less danger that I will receive an answer

2) Being a crazy old man ranting on a street corner and mumbling to myself while walking down the road, by turns, except without inconveniencing or frightening anyone else, and without having to leave the comfort of my home.

@ChuckyX @Abbynormative Heard of VSCO? It's Instagram for hipsters who got sick of Instagram. They don't show followers/faves—looking at someone's work, you don't know how popular they are or how likes it got.

I like this—it dissuades engagement-whoring, and you can post stuff you care about, without looking like a loser because only four people liked it.

Also encourages discussion: you're not going to see someone has 700 followers and think, oh they're too royalty to talk to.

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