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Rep ee time ki ee app gurthundhante idhi oka mettu ekkesinatte

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You’re something between a dream and a miracle

Career gurinchi thalchukunte bayam avuthundhi

Edho sadinchali Ani oka moolalo fire aithe undhi kaani etu vellali ardham avvatle

For the first time Suriya is going to rap
aakasham nee hadhura

@Venkypawanism11 😂😂😂😂 sampesela unnav ga
Inka ninnu block cheyyaledha ,
2 days aagithe women card play chesthadhi ika

i think i’m a background friend. i don’t fit in with any particular group of friends, they’re all closer with eachother i’ll sometimes link but i’m not permanent with anyone. i think about all these people constantly but i don’t cross their minds often.

Can I just delete my life and don't want to start over 🚶

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@Abhi_offl a year ki 5th largest economy kuda ayindhi
Problem nti ante konni structural reforms valla like DeMonetisation, GST. People spending decrease ayindhi dhini valla economy slowdown ayindhi

Nv anna population ey major factor Mana growth ki. Ndhuku ante last 20 years ga only consumption investment medha better growth chupisthunam

Rural stress ndhuku ante agriculture growth fall down

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