also imagine saying you're not afraid of your hobo neighbors but at the same time say you don't want a bomb thrown at your head


imagine being in the risk group for rona
and tolerating rona conspiracy

can't wait for the right wingers to storm our bundestag for the second time and actually get somewhere this time around
also cant wait for the media coverage at the "SUDDEN" outburst of right wing propaganda

not like that shit has been brewing for years or anything because fucking idiotic boomers tolerated it.

i am so fucking done with boomers
petition to shoot'em all to the moon.

because they tolerate all this rightwing bullshit we've got this fucking wave in the first place

how'd ya think hitler got to be in power huh
people tolerated his BS till the end too
asadafgshkfhjgkdhgkjghsgjs i fucking hate it here

also all of my creative mojo is out of the window

yeah its always somewhere else when i need it sure but now even more than ever
i dont even play vidya that much anymore
im just a fucking depressed slob because of this mess and i'm fucking upset

like ay yo mastodon is cool and all i can use the big evil forbidden words that twitter literally bans you for but fucking hell that account was more than a mere account

literally all the progress i made processing my friends death is just gone. slowly bounced back and was able to look at her art again without tearing up but now? man i cannot look at it AT ALL without wanting to eat a tidepod, jump down a bridge and join her

i am so fucking beyond belief pissed

fucking twitter still hasnt even REACTED to my appeal nor have they reacted to my literal fucking cease and desist of the termination of my account bc it was unlawful (europe motherfucker)

like how fucking retarded are these guys? they just vibin sticking their finger up their nose not doing anything or what?

i just wanna smack these fucks with a plank of steel so fucking bad like what even man.

just spent way too long optimizing this one goddamn gif so i could use it as a profile pic

suck a fat one jack ya stinky ass loser site lacks this awesome feature huhhh

i know the worst people i swear to god what the shit

friend suggested i create an onlyfans if i get unbanned

im just
are you
for fucking real.

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