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🎨 Acrylick @Acrylick@mastodon.social

High Five if u 💜 someone who wears a fanny pack


boost if your gender is the USB logo

Mu cat came inside 5 years ago, the survivors of a feral cat colony. She’s terribly sweet, her nickname is Kitty Biscuits cuz she nom nom

Even listening to other ppl on the phone with tech support or customer service of any kind makes me leave my body / go to my happy place

*scrambling backwards into my den* it's magic, gnome artisans did it, leave me alone

I know some self proclaimed Geezers...
I need hand puppets of KISS to get their attention about anything

Geezers means sumpthin d’frent than it usedta

pantsless and running late: a memoir by mooncake

Narrow it down to other Survivors who can laugh, create and share and I’m a lonely psyduck

Songs? Fer my hours of art trance later? Moo?!

I need “Panic in Detroit” melee
In which I can play Iggy POP VS Ted Nugent ... or ... Smokey Robinson vs Kid Rock


This speech about not talking or u get dissected reminds me of growing up in Michigan

I wish I could show u a sexuality LinkedIn so that you knew I was probably familiar with your specialty.

TBH I’ve never felt more misunderstood than when a gay male has reacted to me in public.

I’m sorry, Boys... but when I’m right there with you.

Whenever I realize I need a creative buddy to giggle and show work to, I remember an imaginary friend is better than my current options

A bitch can dream tho