What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.


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When I cook things too long or unevenly, particularly on the BBQ, I tell the family it's "flavour spots"

They look forward to winter because it's really hard to put flavour spots on soup.

Ancient Moods, Seshata. Once merely the Bride if the Scribe; Thoth. She is now known as a patron deity of the sciences herself.

I’m kind of busy, but even if I had time I would resist Disney+.

New things on old works ; original acrylic on canvas board. - title; Lady Hades aka Venus in Pluto

** when u want a creative partner so bad in life, that u create / become you’re own **

When you drink so much raspberry liqueur that you think you're a cybernetic organism linked to a hive mind that's called a chamborg.

I am up with the Moon, 9 cats and the pdx Ravens. Indeed, What a morning!

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