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no face selfie 

Officially the sort of goth who has one of those tops that’s a spoof of some goth icon or another. However, kitty!

I fully plan to wear this at some future goth event once we’re allowed to dance again

I was lost in the valley of pleasure.
I was lost in the infinite sea.
I was lost and begging for pleasure.
And this world is waiting for me.

im bored
whats a good discord i can go on to talk to people for 20 minutes before realizing no one has actually been active on the discord for three weeks

love not knowing what people are talking about

At the end of the day I don’t know which is more insufferable, over usage of insufferable or over usage of at the end of the day n, as sex is the most profound dishonor

Maybe a different me lives in a better reality

Sorry to sound smug but this is a good time to live with a special forces medic who stocks up on cannabis - I ☺️am chill af

Is there anyone not totally mental who is actually into finding real friends around here? Or is it just cliques, lost sheep and bots?

I think cauliflower needs to just settle the fuck down.

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