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I feel like I'm legally required to dump art on every new account I make so..........

I have traditional works too I just haven't had a chance to get out and scan everything in yet....I'll do it one of these days....

HEY GUESS WHAT I'M BACk. Semester's been crazy. Here's an animation I made for drawing this week!

Did an ink wash on top of a pencil drawing from few days back and decided to have some fun coloring it in Photoshop since I don’t have my tablet and can’t do anything too complicated digitally

Scan of something I’m working on. Character is a slightly older version of of a character I made in 8th grade and just keep revisiting.

eating πŸ‘ tomatoes πŸ‘ like πŸ‘ apples πŸ‘ is πŸ‘ valid πŸ‘

Does anyone have any experience selling prints? I'm thinking of getting into it, but I don't know which website is the best to use

Social media meta, getting melancholic again 

It's so weird that I can just open up people's profiles, read the things they have said, and then come to a cursory idea of who they are, even if that is only the simplest caricature of reality.

There are so many ways to interact with the traces that people have left, and yet I find myself nervous about interacting with them directly, instead leaving behind little traces of my own. And we all just go around in circles, following where the others have been but not really understanding each other now.

Something from last March (I think?) Original idea was a watercolor doodle I did as a vent, and when I made it digital it became??? Weird but I like it

Current mood: cursing myself for forgetting my tablet when I FINALLY get free time to draw....

I'm unsettled today! My brain is a drowsy bumblebee meandering aimlessly about a room bumping into things.

I'll put my motivational advice pups here because they provide such deep truths

if u cant afford therapy, storebought (minecraft, stardew valley) is fine

i have important things to do. places to sit. snacks to eat

║ appeared   β•‘

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