There's a lot of other cool stuff on the Patreon too, including my podcast with pals Ing and Avi, Destroy All Clickbait!

Gonna use my Patreon resurgence to tell you all about my Patreon, which if you sign up for right now will get you a special black and white edition of my new comic with artist Gavin Guidry, Dragon's Lounge, about a bunch of bar-owning fantasy characters.

Hey Mastodon! If you're in Toronto this weekend, you should come by the Toronto Reference Library for the Toronto Comics arts Festival, it's a great indie comics show with FREE entry. We'll be there with a limited run of Strange Romance volume 2, Nightbeach, and more!

NIGHTBEACH, me and @thatdarnskull's 16-page epic about lifeguards battling the paranormal, is coming to Comixology soon--but you can read it RIGHT NOW if you subscribe to my Patreon:

Hey Mastodon! Strange Romance Volume 3 is now available for download!

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Boy, this takes me back. The pinky kept breaking on my Hand of Fate ship so I had to pretend that Draegar had lost a finger in the second movie and modified his ship to match.

(I found this old ad at

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This year hasn't been a great year for Vice articles. In fact, I wasn't even able to find ten for this top ten list.

Black Mirror spoilers 

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Twitter-tag question today asked whether we wrote happy or realistic endings.

Really interesting that the question set those up as opposites.

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I once saw someone say that pixel art was the first truly masculine art form and to this day I carry my great grandmothers cross stitch sampler around with me so that in case I ever meet that person I can throw it at them

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I should note here, on this chill-ass platform, that I'm updating Lit Brick again. Over the month of December, I'll be drawing all sorts of comic strips about The Life And Adventures of Santa Claus.

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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

Hey Mastodoniacs! I do a webcomic! It's a space opera adventure that is also a magic spell crafted with the purpose of making the world a better place. It's bonkos and you can read the latest (not quite finished) strip right here:


I've updated it a little since I posted it yesterday...fitting this in when I have time. I figure now's the time the world could use a little more magic...

I just saw a guy on Birdsite claiming that he would never give the title of "best show on TV" to a comedy. On principle I guess? That's so insane on multiple levels, especially since almost all the best shows on TV right now, that I'm aware of, are comedies. Dramas are going through a fallow patch TBQH. There's Twin Peaks The Return and that's about it.

Also this guy was saying this in a thread in which he gushes over a drama I find laughably dumb.

Hey folks, pal and stalwart Strange Romance contributor (she's helped me edit the upcoming volume) @CharlotteOfOz has a website, and one of the things featured there is a cool short story she wrote as a series of time-dilated FTL messages, which was featured as a Kickstarter bonus. Really, really good stuff, in my unbiased opinion!

Check it out here:

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Today at the BLOG: I debated which of my Tumblr-era, pre-CA essays to reproduce on the site first, then Multiversity went on sale and the choice was made for me.

My big essay on Ultra Comics #1 and why it gives me anxiety to think about it, even now.

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Hey folks. It's been a rough couple days, but I'm happy to announce that I finally have my own dang website!

On it, you can read a story I wrote for the Strange Romance KS, available online for the first time - & my first Twine project! It's called 'Sine Qua Non' and it's a series of love letters sent at relativistic velocities. I wrote it after DJT was elected.

So here's a question, not to sound coldly detached about it for my American pals, but if Net Neutrality goes away in the States, will that affect other countries? I thought I'd heard that so much of the net's architecture is based in the US that it'll affect everyone else too...

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Europe and Asia performing Toto's "Africa" in Australia

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