I love D&D. Nothing quite like saving someone from a virgin sacrifice via sex!

Just make sure you know the people around you and don't push them towards something they won't enjoy.


I didn't even realize this was illegal before. Honestly, this is what I'd prefer to be done with my body when I'm done with it.


I redid my Nextcloud server. Now the Pi is running off of a HDD instead of a SD card and I'm using MariaDB instead of SQLite.

It can handle so much more now! I have my desktop, laptop, and phone automatically syncing everything worth syncing.

That Pi (3B+) is juggling me and my family nicely! I was not expecting a Pi to be able to handle all this so smoothly.

I originally went with SQLite because I underestimated that Pi.

Mostly a win for this case! A great example of why privacy is still important. The court's final decision isn't great, though.

Hopefully, Darkpsilver will be okay.


This touches more on what I mentioned yesterday.

When I was checking out FOSS communities, I came across some nasty and toxic threads. People being attacked for daring to ask about non-free firmware or libraries, for example.

I'm sure there's plenty of great purely FOSS folks, but I don't really have any desire to check out forums like that again.


Unfortunately, as much as I love GNU, Linux, and open-source, I noticed the FOSS community can be pretty toxic from the short time I delved into that extreme.

Personally, I'm on board with Purism. They're trying to hit that right balance and offering privacy respecting services on a scale that we haven't seen much of. They don't have an endless budget, though. They have to pick their battles.


I wish there was a more digestible way for people to read TOSs, maybe these incidents wouldn't happen as much. Then again, plenty of these sites would probably still abuse their own TOS anyway.

Luckily, we have solid alternatives.


Moral of the story? Always vote.

Also, don't just vote based on what the candidates say. Look up what they did before they started running. What a person did before they potentially had a lot of power, and put themselves in the public spotlight, will say a lot more about them and what they're about than things they say while in that spotlight.


I've maybe only watched a couple of these series listed as classics. I don't watch a lot of TV, so trying to watch a lot of these just seems daunting.


I think the best way to promote truth is through education (better schooling and teach how to find information), not restrict freedom.


I'm waiting for the day when CBS announces DS9 is getting an HD remaster. After seeing What We Leave Behind, I really want this to happen.

It's good to see California working to protect its people.

California has been interesting to keep up on lately. It's either doing something completely awesome or falling flat on its face.


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