The more I get my shit together, the more I realize most people don't have their shit together.

We still need to keep pushing back against this. Even if you're fine with the government right now, it will eventually change hands again and you might not like the government then. That government would still have this power.

Anyone know of a good place to get a Pixel (2016) battery replaced in Wichita, Kansas? LineageOS is still going strong on the Pixel and it works fine, beyond the battery starting to fail, so I don't really see much reason to buy an entire new phone.

I just stumbled across this. I'm perfectly happy with Gajim, but this looks like it could be a decent alternative for people wanting something more user-friendly.

Today at 14:00 UTC, tune in for Philipp Winter's presentation on circumventing Internet censorship with @torproject!

Watch the live-stream here:

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"Convenience" comes with the caveat that someone else is doing the heavy lifting, and they are being trusted with (possibly) a lot of responsibility.

I can’t describe to you how scary and frustrating it is to have family who are not taking the threat of this virus seriously.

Please wear a mask. Please avoid unnecessary travel. Please avoid large gatherings. Please. For your kids and your grandkids and the people who love you

I'd love to get a hold of a copy of this game! I didn't even know it existed before watching this video. It looks like Lutris has an installer script for it.

I never really messed with these kinds of systems. They always just seemed like gimmicks to me.

There's some crazy internal US politics right now that threatens #OpenTechFund, who funded #LetsEncrypt, #CertBot, @torproject , #NoScript, TLS ESNI/ECH, #DNSPrivacyProj, #ReproducibleBuilds, #Wireguard, #DeltaChat, #OpenKeychain, #pypi, @guardianproject , @signalapp , and more. Looks like a couple proprietary software companies are trying to take over this #FreeSoftware money. Please sign on to the campaign to try to stop it:

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