So I've decided to come back here to check it out again. It's pretty chill, as it was before.

@AdmiralMemo 7 months is a long time :D
Glad you decided to check the place out again!

@maloki Yeah, it's OK. I keep getting "Unfortunately, there was an error looking up the remote account" errors on all the people I want to remote follow though. :-(

@AdmiralMemo Are you adding your full handle? nick[at]server.domain ?

@maloki Yeah. This search bar thing makes it look like I'm already following them, but the profile itself says I'm not. So shrug.emoji

@AdmiralMemo If you look at the profile remotely, you won't be able to tell if you're already following them.
Just looking them up through the standard webUI is the best way to follow, and see if you follow people. :)

@maloki OK, so that search method got all but one in my feed, which is good. Somehow, just won't let me add for some reason though.

@AdmiralMemo Looks like it has to be an issue on their end.
I'll have a closer look at it tomorrow.
(the instance may also be running an older version, even though it shouldn't affect it, it may)


@maloki Just checked in on old stuff to make some records and compile stuff, and I saw this again. I'm pretty sure they've never updated the instance. They were probably just testing it since they are a cloud hosting service.

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