This exists in one of the discords I'm in and I'm so amused

@WokenClick Okay this is a bit of a walk:

A) yes, it's true. Sort of.

b) She was not fired for her language.

c) She WAS, however fired, because dickhead birdsite trolls were using the NASA hashtag to make a dumb situation even worse.

D) the person in question reached out to and apologized to Hickham, who is now in contact with NASA, and trying to secure her an even better position.

~Netflix -Twitch -capitalism 

@DiamondTiki Someone flashes money at you and you're like "What's the harm?" only to find out directly that you messed up.


The "Hide everything from this instance" option in your profile is an instance block, not an instance silence.

What that means for you:

1) You will unfollow everyone on the server you suspend
2) You will be unable to interact with anyone from the server you suspend

It is not a mute, it is a block


@WokenClick Wait, you're from Baltimore? We should meet up sometime.

@Kramburger Wait... You're telling me you don't have to print the video out frame by frame to edit it? 😉

~Netflix -Twitch -capitalism 

@DiamondTiki Cable already went down this route and we see it lead them nowhere but failure. I'm guessing that companies doing this have 1 of 2 reasons.

1. They haven't seen the signs from others and don't realize this short-term gain will be their death knell.

2. They believe they're already in their final stages for other reasons, so why not make a quick buck on the way out?

For those interested in a much more familiar feeling interface for Mastodon, check out Halcyon:
Once there, enter your full account ( and it will take you to a page to authorize the Halcyon web app, just like it does when you connect with an Android or iOS app. Here's a snapshot of my view with it: I've seen follow confirmation before. Waiting on a response from someone else on that, actually. This one, I click Follow and get the elephant smashing the keyboard with a generic error message.

Because this issue isn't giving me enough information to find out, I'm still at "bug or feature?" in my brain. I'm able to see the guy's toots, but just not follow.

@Canageek Fair. I did try yesterday and today, though, just in case it was temporary.

@amelie @amelie Open your profile and it should be there, as well as who follows you.

Question: If you go to someone's page on the same instance as you, and you click to follow them, and you get an error page, does that mean they've blocked you?

(If so, I have no idea why I'd be blocked by that person.)

This seems to be a concert for many Mastodon newcomers so I will address it in this toot:

As the instance admin, I have the ability to read your DMs. They're unencrypted.

There are two ways I can do this:
1- Looking directly into the instance's database
2- If someone reports a DM you send

I will never do the former. However, the latter is a different story, as I need to moderate them to keep the instance and its users safe, and unless not doing so threatens that safety, I will respect your privacy.

If you need to exchange sensitive information that required absolute secrecy, I'm strongly recommending you to use any encrypted method of communication isntead of Mastodon DMs.

Thank you for your attention and understanding!

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