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That's the tea--I'm back at

Hey social, su-su-see ya and I wouldn't wanna be ya

i don't know why spelling bees are on the tl rn but lol i went to the national in 8th grade, got in the newspaper and everything

totally blew it too lol

anyway my misspelling is now the name of a famous movie production company, probably a coincidence but every time i go see one of (director)'s movies, i have to look at my most embarrassing mistake in like several thousand point type

Day One of Winter Intensives starts in one hour. Bout to get fucken busy round here. Wish me luck!

I'll have you know I only read Mastodon for the articles.

My roommate was trying to figure out where Pac-Man is from and I said, "Pacramento," and I might have to find a new apartment

"I MAY not be DENNIS HOPPER but I'm gonna EASY RIDE this sybian." - Hillary Clinton

in this house, we stan an anarchist queen

Still can't really believe this place is so unshitty that I'm comfortable tooting selfies here. Pretty mind-boggling tbh

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