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That's the tea--I'm back at

Hey social, su-su-see ya and I wouldn't wanna be ya

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Realization: I need to understand #unions better. Does anybody have a good link or book I can read to answer eli5 questions like:

• WTF even is a #union, really?
• How do they work?
• What do these jargon words mean?
• What is the point?
• How would I get started?
• What can I say to coworkers who have had unions demonized to them forever?

If you're a rich boomer and suddenly find you need more money after you're taxed at a higher rate, just get a second job and be more astute about savings, and maybe pass up that avocado toast.
#Austerity #BeltTightening #TakeTheirMoney

It's Saturday morning, so I'm using lube as diarrhea again.

Old, good, politically relevant bands that seem to be kinda forgotten:

The Mekons
The Ex
The Dog-Faced Hermans

smoking weed is cool
malcolm gladwell's a tool
listen to him?
you're a fool

I'll never forget the day my Bangbros looked me in the eye and said, "the family business is just not for you". They were only trying to protect me, but it still hurt

First rule of Big Chungus is you never ask the people of Reddit about Big Chungus

"How old is this headwear?", I query, only to be answered, "I never tell a turban's age."

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