Yo if you're a Linux user, particular if you're an Arch or Gentoo user, BE FUCKING NICE TO PEOPLE! This is not your thing you get to be elitist and exclusive about. The Linux community can only grow when we are compassionate and energize people. Usability and empathy are not just important, they are critical.

My manager resigned in my second week. We have no other DevOps on site. Our parent company pulled the plug on Kubernetes, which is the only technical reason I want to be there...

I'm junior, I have no support, and I'm terrified.

Studying AWS bullshit because reasons... At least it's free training I guess?

discussion of consent 

Getting really tired of coaching my girlfriend on consent. She keeps wanting to put things in my control that shouldn't be there and keeps acting like she needs my attention to exercise her own autonomy.

Now to follow up the Later Than Usual morning estradiol with the Earlier Than Usual evening estradiol.

Infrastructure as code

More like computer enchantments

Well, pretty soon it'll be time to pack up for my trip where I go to CA and have a job interview, which really means I'm going to fuck around, and I don't really care about the outcome, though getting an offer would be nice.

Obviously so I can lean on the company I actually want to work with...

Moving my project into GitLab, and I am really really enjoying the pipelines. I can literally just put all of that stuff in there and just push commits and occasionally push buttons. 🌷

Experimenting with a slight resume tweak: a "Cloud Background" section that doesn't include AWS.

It is meant to prevent people from asking the question "Do you have experience with AWS?"

Startup creeps aren't accidentally reinventing libraries and buses. They're very deliberately inventing libraries and buses that poor people aren't allowed to use.

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