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I'm looking for you! Yes just right you: the male or female who are reading this toot. Please do you want with me your favorite I need a good one for my deskstop.

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I had bought the in a record store some day ago, I think it's a very good . I buy DVD and not because the on DVD it's easily to bypass, so I'm following the suggestion of (Richard Matthew Stallman) about the topic. I'm still watching films.


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Become an of the , you will receive the biannual , a bootable card whit endorsed and many benefit. In this way You will directly help Doctor M. in her quest to free the world from evil proprietary software which deny basic rights to her users, remember sharing software isn't more a crime if it's free software.

🎧 "Brother Louie Louie" 🎶

To day in my city rain, and I love when rain.

Actually I love my computer and my GNU/Linux system more than the peoples I actually know, so maybe I'm in the good path to becoming a good hacker: zero social life and hard work 😆

Ps. Actually I'm still learning English so if I have done some mistake please correct me, so I learn more faster 😘. Your help will be vary appreciate, thanks 💋

Who don't love freedom ?
Please support the Free Software Foundation and Mr. Richard M. Stallman (the last true hacker), becoming an associate member of the Free Software Foundation or making a donation today.
Your rights are in terrible danger, if you don't do nothing for protect and reclaims your rights and freedoms who will do ?


I would posted a link about the new European Copyright regulation but I can't because would be a copyright infraction now

The next week i will go to school for the last year and a get a degree in Information technology I hope.

I don't know... maybe I switch to KDE again soon.

I love play old classic games on my Debian 9 powered PC.


Just another day like any others, great!!

I'm awaiting a lost package from Amazon, (anti-noise head set), I will be lucky ? Only "poste italiane" know the answer.

You should definitely give a try to a GNUplusLinux distribution, its a so wonderful operating system, just give a try, free software rule.

GNU/Linux it's good for gaming, even if Window it's better. Still using windows just for gaming isn't a clever idea, you lost one of the best OS out there.

What wrong whit Cplusplus ? Isn't a good programming language ?

Would be great have a strong and living free software community in my country but isn't

I'm learning English, Emacs, C++ and I would be happy to get involved with the Debian project soon

Who really love computer science love the GNU/Linux operating system

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