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Elliot Speck @Aeyris

@SaraHaworth After I work out which pane does what (I can't, somehow) I still don't really know where I can find a "list" of people who talk about things I'm interested in. Twitter has the "you may be interested in" feature which, for obvious privacy-related reasons, Mastodon lacks. Unfortunately, it's a massive convenience. Chasing hashtags - in my opinion - is cumbersome and will only net you so much of a benefit.

Not going to lie, the whole following/discovery system on Mastodon is far inferior to almost anything else.

@kaniini What's the hot new memetech now, then?

It's surely not Matrix, is it?

"Turn the lights up and tell people it’s to help them be more happy, 5% increase in productivity. Six months later turn the lights down and tell people it’s in response to feedback, 5% increase in productivity."