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A friend shared this with me. I don't know if it will help anyone express how they are doing, but..... 💙💚

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I've moved from to
This shouldn't affect followers, however if anyone is lost during the transition, please let me know!

@GooseTheCat This pandemic is going to go to for many months. "Not immediately medically necessary" is just a way to drag out abortion care until past the legal deadline. "Oops, sorry, 20 weeks! Too late! You get to give birth! Everyone gets to give birth! Medicaid? TANF? No, this is a Republican state! If you wanted meaningful assistance, you should have been born a citizen of a country with a strong safety net!"

Trump's approval rating is up most among those who don't vote - CNNPolitics

Consider spending some of your free time volunteering for and supporting organizations that help and share hotline information if you're able. With schools and businesses closed, people will need it.

Isolation of families for coronavirus raises concerns about domestic violence - ABC News

Trump sat around for 6 weeks and didn't do anything but deny the problem was real.

Don't forget that.

Also don't forget to take care of people less well off than you are. Check on people. Offer to help. Maybe we can't stop this but we can help those around us. @HeroesResist

Coronavirus update: Job losses could total 47 million, unemployment rate of 32%, Fed says:

No, it's not easy.

Do it anyway.

I am staying in when I can because despite being in a low-risk group, I don't want to take a hospital bed from someone else, whether they come down with this virus or whether they have another emergency and beds are short because of the treatment of people with the virus. #flattenthecurve

So there’s been a ‘stay-at-home’ order. Here’s what that means for you:

MNsure – Governor Walz and MNsure announced a 30-day special enrollment period (SEP) for qualified individuals who are currently without insurance. The SEP opened on March 23 and runs through April 21. It will allow uninsured individuals 30 days to enroll in health insurance coverage through

The boy bowed to the tiger and the old woman.
"Excuse me, are you the witch and her familiar?"
"I am the witch," the tiger said.
"I heard you right wrongs?"
"No," said the familiar, "we help those we choose to help."
The boy thought. "Is that different?"
"Not to us."

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First time using mastodon , might consider to move here permanently if twitter implement stories feature.

My #HeroesResist friends and I are staying at home as our governors have ordered. Fortunately we are able to move to @stux's cat-friendly instance without going outside.

How I plan to shop from now on!!! 🤣🤣🤣...😁😁😁...😉😉...😎😎😎

Flu killed about 8 in every 100 hospitalized so far. Coronavirus is currently 3 in every 100.

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