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Why does it look just like me? Who did this? Is it me? Did they create it as tribute? Am I actually a Hulk and don't remember?!

My friend found this Hulk painting on an auto shop in Roncesvalles and I'm freaking out.

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I‘m still trying to figure this out. Pardon me while I follow and unfollow you a million times. I can only sign in here on a browser. Every app I downloaded so far tells me my password is invalid. But good news...i can upload photos of Monty

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Increasingly disgusted by Twitter's ongoing failure to ban Russian bots. Gonna really try to spend less time there, the same way I'd try to avoid sleeping in a hotel with bedbugs.

Reggie demands attention. Pay attention, now.

In 1929, gang warfare in Chicago was so violent 7 people died and it made an indelible imprint on American culture called the St Valentine's day massacre. In 2018, they call it... Tuesday.

I just watched a trailer for Shadow of the Colossus and... well, like, what if I don't want to kill the Colossi? They seem magnificent and wonderful?

In 50yrs, a person will be, "I'm a real movie buff", and friends will say, "I grew out of that superhero and Star Wars stuff when I was a kid..." and then the person will be all, "No, I mean indie movies, like Spielberg or del Toro! Films aren't just superheroes you know, gosh."

What do you call that existential dread you feel when you heat something up in the microwave and start eating it, then realise you didn't heat it up enough, but can't decide if it's too cold to just eat anyway and if you do just eat it what does it say about you?

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How I Write a Comic Book Script! Everyone develops their own system. But this is what works for me after 14 years in the business. Enjoy!

Remembered a dream I had last night!

I was talking to a bunch of down-on-luck folks under an overpass, dirty and overgrown with plants, insects, rodents. I told them to look down at how much life thrived there. "Life will a way to break through."

Am I a prophet now? Do I make a church? Help. What do?

I would like to invite anyone who thinks food service employees aren't entitled to a decent wage for whatever reason to eat a giant flaming shut up.

The girls at work discovered how smooth my skin was and started asking me what my routine is but I don't have one except for avoiding responsibility and manual labour.

White People, 2068:
"Let us honour Colin Kaepernick, who brought us together through non-violent protest. Do not politicise this iconic figure of American history."

This gives a whole other meaning to "tooting" on Mastodon.