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"Juggalos figured out how to beat facial recognition" by Caroline Haskins theoutline.com/post/5172/jugga

OK, this might be the most cyberpunk headline I've read all year

I am incapable of spelling Mastodon correctly the first try

More Star Wars ship names from my random spreadsheet? Let's go.

-Tempest Bard Bantha
-Korriban Delight
-Vortex Blade Duke
-Chandrila Arrow
-Silver Daughter
-Laughing Storm
-Violent Dagger Queen

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Is ARKansas the Augmented Reality version of Kansas?

More ridiculous Star Wars ship names:
-Scandalous Lily Bear
-Dagobah Song Blade
-Light Shadow
-Dark Ghost
-Blazing Singer
-Hurricane Strider
-Toydarian Typhoon
-Endor Tornado Sun
-Obsidian Palace Gundark
-Iridonia Curiosity Songbird
-Rishi Blade
-Weeping Lily
-Arkania(n) Envy
-Fondor Cat
-Lucky Hunter
-Kessel Bottle Revenge
-Wandering Eagle
-Tatooine Justice

I just made an Excel to help me name Star Wars ships and it is coming up with equal parts gold and crap. In other words: total Star Wars.

-Mandalorian Lady
-Corellian Star
-Azure Sky

-Mortis Wish
-Righteous Venture Annihilation

So bad it's good:
-Violent Monkey

Confession: Sometimes Bon Iver reminds me of Coldplay.

He stares at me, smug. He picks up the skillet. It's so hot his skin sticks to it. He starts screaming for the Secret Service to get me, to stop me. 'cos, you know, I did this to him. Turns out they don't really like him, so they all just sorta stand around looking dumbfounded.
The next day, I'm the subject of a FoxNews piece about the Honey Ham Hitman that took a shot at their idol.
It's fucking back bacon, you idiots.

I just remembered I had a dream where I was searing a side of peameal bacon in a skillet at an outdoor event.
As I'm handling this blazingly hot skillet, Trump approaches, trying to get at the ham. Instinctively, I step in the way. "Careful, that skillet's really hot."
He takes offense. How dare I tell him what to do? He shoves me. I move aside.

Just saw someone refer to Get Out as having a threat that's "over the top and unrealistic".

Fella, it's like 95% realistic with 5% sci-fi brain-swappery thrown in. The movie ain't for you.

Hello all, I know this is unexpected and unusual, but I'd like to announce that I will be hosting the 91st Academy Awards.

Hello everyone, I saw Black Panther finally and it has my brain going and analysing and I think Coogler and co. did an amazing thing.

Finally going to see Black Panther today. Going on the company dime. Yeah!

Everyone, read the tweet thread linked. The Golden Lovers are the best storyline in wrestling and it's gay as heck. I love it.


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A Russian athlete from the curling team was removed from the Olympics for doping.

I'mma say that again.

A Russian athlete. From the curling team. Was removed from the Olympics. For doping.

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